Monday, June 30, 2008

Ye Olde Jasper County Fair

Jack and I headed to the Fair tonight to watch the Fair Queen Pageant. His friends Heidi and Emily were in the Little Miss Pageant and our friend Ashley was a contestant in the Queen Pageant. Heidi and Emily were great. Heidi blew kisses to the crowd and looked so cute in her dress. Jack was so excited for Emily to come out that he was chanting her name! Emily stole the show-I wish I had video of her performance. I overheard the lady in front of me say "she must belong to one of those Baltzell boys."

We were so excited that Ashley was crowned Jasper County Fair Queen! She deserved that crown! I hope to have pics to share of Jack and I with Queen Ashley tomorrow.

After the pageant we headed over for Jack to enjoy some rides. He had so much fun and told me after we got in the car to head home "thanks for taking me to the fair Mom, it was awesome!"

you know he's livin by the Carnie Code

With Independence Day almost here I thought this was very fitting

pretty much says it all
God Bless America


Christina said...

The fair looks like soooo much fun! I don't think we're gonna make it over there this week... :-( bummer. Next year. Love the pics of Jack!

Tracie said...

Gosh, I haven't been to the fair since I lived in Champaign....that was, like, 13 years ago!!!

BB said...

What is Queen Ashley's last name?