Monday, June 23, 2008

Is Ashley Bunton the next Al Gore??

Thanks to the suggestion from Ashley Bunton my new Sigg water bottle is on its way!! I admit I would have never paid that much for a water bottle for environmental reasons alone, but MAKE LOVE NOT LANDFILL?? I had to have that!!
Whatever the reason, hopefully the cool look of my new water bottle will prompt me to up my daily water intact. After the new baby arrives I plan to keep it filled with something a little harder than water from time to time.


Ashley & Evan said...

Just call me Al! Isn't he in the news for making his house more engery efficient and then his usage went up 10%? I guess that's like me preaching about the bottles and then I come walking into work with my plastic bottle.

Sarah D said...

Ashley, I heard about that as well. I figure he has probably done a lot more good than bad for the environmental movement. Just like you!!

I credit all things environmental good or bad to Al Gore.

Global warming=Al Gore

Recycling = Al Gore