Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello Lovahs

Last night Amanda, Jamee, and I went to see the new Sex and the City movie. It was just wonderful! I cried when it started out of shear happiness. The movie was sold out and I think we could have sold the seats that we had luckily gotten together for a hefty sum. Lots of girls/women dressed in their best SATC garb, high heels and great bags! I think I counted 5 men in the entire full theater! If you are a fan of the show the movie does not disappoint.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Kinkade's first picture

I did get one picture today from my sonogram. I apologize that it is not turned the correct way. I am not that great at scanning.
I can kind of make out a couple of things on this picture. I pretended like I could see everything that the girl doing the sonogram was pointing out to me, but I sure was not seeing it.
I bet Amber could take a much better picture!

SURVIVOR-kindergarten style

The above links you to a video from the CBS Morning News where this morning they talked about a 5 year old boy with special needs who was "voted out" of his kindergarten class 14-2.

What do you think?

Probably wrong on lots and lots of levels, and you can smell the huge lawsuit that I am sure that this family has filed a mile away, but I bet there is not a teacher in the world that has not wanted to vote a kid out of their classroom!

Not once does it mention the teacher looking at the boy and saying "Alex, the class has spoken. You can bring me your backpack".

DR visit update

Baby dr news---

I had my sonogram & there is only one baby!!!

Dr. Houseworth is still not back to his office from the eye surgery. I did get to see his wonderful nurse and get all of my paperwork taken care of. Gonna try again next Thursday. Hopefully he will be in by then. If not, I may just wait to meet him when it is time for the delivery, that should spice things up!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First doctor visit

Tomorrow I finally have my first Dr appointment. The Doctor who delivered Jack has left Sarah Bush so I had to find a new dr. Luckily, Michelle helped me to get into Dr. Houseworth who a few weeks ago had some sort of eye surgery. I feel like his eyes will be needed since I will more than likely have a c-section. Regular delivery maybe, but a c-section he will need his eyes for. My first appointment was scheduled for last week and has been re-scheduled 4 times. So tomorrow morning I go for a sonogram and then tomorrow afternoon I see the DR. Since Cliff and a few others have thrown out the idea that perhaps I might be having twins, I am excited to make sure that there is only one baby floating around in there.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jack's weekend uniform

Welcome to the jungle

Friday after Jack and I returned home from school, I looked across the street and saw something in the neighbors yard. I walked over to get a closer was two baby raccoons!! They were so cute. Jack was not scared of them at all and got as close to them as I would let him get.

While Jack and I were observing the wildlife Cliff came home from work. He came to see what we were looking at, walked back to his car and magically pulled out some elbow length, leather "falconer" type gloves (where they came from & why he has them is beyond me). He asked me if I wanted to keep them and I informed him that I had seen enough Little House on the Prairie to know it would only end badly so he said he would load them up and take them to the country and let them go.

Cliff got a box and I got some bread and hot dogs for the raccoons to snack on during their journey. Cliff picked them up (they made some odd noise) and put them in the box. While all this is going on Cyndi Poe drives by and stops, I tell her what is going on, she gets out to check out the raccoon babies. Cyndi said how much she wishes she could show them to her grandson, and asks what we are going to do with them. I told her Cliff was just going to take them to the river bottoms and let them go.
This is where the story gets good (at least for me). Let me explain.. In case you do not know Cyndi..
1. She is crazy cool
2. She lives in Bogota

Cyndi asked if she could take them with her. She explained that she would show them to her grandson and then take them to her Bogota neighbor RAYMELL TAYLOR who would raise them and then release them.
Cyndi loaded them up and off they went. Oh how I wish the Newton Press Mentor still published the Bogota News. You know that those raccoons would have made the paper!!
This story probably does not mean much to you if you are not from Newton or never read the Bogota News portion of the paper that the Newton Press Mentor used to publish. For me, it was a brush with greatness and made for a very memorable Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What else CAN'T I have??

As if the list of things you are not supposed to do/eat during pregnancy was not long enough, while reading a Mom-to-be magazine I learned that deli meat was a no-no. It can cause listeriosis.

What is Listeria?
Listeria monocytogenes is a type of bacteria that is found in water and soil. Vegetables can become contaminated from the soil, and animals can also be carriers. Listeria has been found in uncooked meats, uncooked vegetables, unpasteurized milk, foods from unpasteurized milk and processed foods. Listeria is killed by pasteurization and cooking. There is a chance that contamination may occur in ready-to-eat foods such as hot dogs and deli meats because contamination may occur after cooking and before packaging.

Besides not eating any luncheon meat, the article went so far as to suggest not eating any non-hot Subway type sandwiches. Devastation for the woman who is craving a Billy Club (and still plans to eat her fill of them) from Jimmy John's.

School's out for summer!

Jack's last day of school was this past Friday. I am so glad he had the chance to attend the YOUNG EXPLORERS ACADEMY (ok, I add the academy part). He has learned so much, made new friends, and it has been a huge help for both of us with the "cutting the cord" process. He is looking forward to going back next Fall!

Jack and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Schonert with the hanging basket Jack brought her. Jack gave it to her and said "thanks for being a good teacher" (we had rehearsed that).
Mrs. Schonert gave Jack his first report card. He got a "good" on almost everything and I was very proud of him. He does need to work on buttoning, snapping, and zipping his clothes (he does not know how to dress himself-I still do it for him-sue me) and galloping. The buttoning and zipping I get, galloping I am not so sure about. I am raising a little boy, not a horse!!
We celebrated his good report card by going to Dairy Queen with Mam, Bamp, and Baby Dexter for what Jack called an "ice cream celebrate".

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jack having some fun at the park

Congrats NCHS grads

Congratulations to the NCHS Class of 2008!

A special congrats to my long time friend Shelby (Shelvy as Gabe calls her) Wolf.

I have always loved Shelby. It sure is hard to believe that the little girl I had so much fun playing with at the bowling alley is old enough to graduate from high school.

Sarah + Burt = LOVE

Sometimes you have an idea, more of a fantasy or dream even. When you share that dream with someone and they make it come true, well the only word I can think of for that is MAGIC!
Thanks Amber and RML II

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jack's new guitar

Jack spent his "copper" money. He chose this guitar and microphone set that the man in brown brought us today. Cliff won't be home until late tonight and when he gets here hopefully he will be able to fix it since it quit working about an hour after I put it together. As you can see from this video, working or not, Jack is having a great time with the new guitar and microphone.

Jack putting on a show

Jack performing a couple of songs and also sharing some thoughts about

becoming a big brother.

good luck Jamer

Burt and I would like to wish Jamee good luck tomorrow!!

Can't wait to see you and the finished product next week!!

Welcome Bunton's!!

Check out the latest addition to the wonderful world of blogging.

Evan and Ashley Bunton have a blog!!

I wish Ashley lived here.

I think we could have a lot of F-U-N!!!

Now at least I can visit her on her new blog!!

A warm blogger welcome from SARAH SEZ!!

Sesame Street Live

Yesterday Jack and myself along with Amber, RJ & Heidi Lindemann went to Terre Haute to watch 'Elmo Makes Music' at the Hulman Center. The show was great! We all had so much fun. This was Jack's first time at anything like this and I was so glad that he enjoyed it.

Jack and the Elmo "spinner" that he really
had to have.

The show began. It was a little loud for
Jack. I was worried because I had forgotten
to bring his ear muffs, but after a
minute or so, he was just fine.

During the Elmo's World portion of the show I was shocked to
see that Mr. Noodle has suddenly become an African-American.

Favorite part of the show-
Bert dressed in a John Travolta/
Saturday Night Fever suit
doing the hustle!
I love Bert

After the show we headed to the mall for a little
shopping and some lunch.

Overall, we had a great day! We so enjoyed spending time with Amber and her kids. Hopefully this will not be the last "field trip" we get to take together.

Elmo Makes Music

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


David Cook is the new American Idol and BB is the winner of SARAH SEZ IDOL!!
BB and Holly & Chad Farley were tied for the lead. Holly and Chad are on a cruise in Alaska and did not get to send in their pick, so I choose David A. for them since I thought their son Cole would like him better.
BB, e-mail me your address and I will get your prize in the mail to you.
For an American Idol season that was pretty much over for me after Carly got voted off, this sure has made it more interesting. Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll do it again next year!
--by the way, you can check out pics of the Farley's vaca on their blog

All you need is love?

Last week the supreme court legalized gay marriage in California. Who knows how long it will remain legal. I am sure that you have an opinion on this issue pro or con. Your opinion may be religiously based, or it may just be based on some sort of ick factor that the thought of two people of the same sex together gives you.

Ellen Degeneres says she is going to marry her g-friend Portia. I bet that would be a really fun wedding. Lots of good music and dancing. The gays know how to throw a party.

I was linked to this post on the subject on another blog ( and thought it was just way to good not to share.

The great debate

In my house we eat a lot of corn. Canned and frozen mainly (hopefully some fresh on the cob soon). When I make corn I add butter, salt, pepper, and sugar. Every time we have corn, Cliff points out how odd adding sugar to corn is and how he had never heard of that until he met me.

Do you add sugar to your corn??

It's Almost Over

David v Goliath

Disney David v Rocker David

Young David v Mid-twenties David

you decide-Simon says little David took the night. Who will prevail?

Sarah Sez Idol will be crowned tomorrow night. Send me your guess.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pray for Senator Kennedy

Monday, May 19, 2008

My nephew Dexter.
So cute it hurts.