Friday, May 29, 2009

Berry cute purses

SARAH SELLZ will be at the Strawberry Festival (in Newton, IL) on Saturday ( 5*30) only.

On the courthouse lawn, directly across from Arndts.
9 am---????

Mention my blog and I'll give you $2.00 off of any item.
For a preview of just SOME of what will be available, check out:
Stop by and say hello.
I'm sure I will have a funnel cake or something to share with you.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to call it quits?

What do you think?
Is it time for them to quit letting cameras document their lives?
I've got a little poll going.
Right hand side of the screen.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Harrison is 6 months old!!

Harrison is 6 months old today! He started as Baby Chuck Chuck, became Harrison and is now slowly but surely becoming Harry.

To celebrate this milestone we went for his 6 month check-up.
Harry weighs 21lbs and 10oz.
He is 27 inches long.
Along with finding out that my child was in the 99th percentile in the weight category (we like to stay as close to the top of any kind of list in this family) I was also informed that he had a double ear infection and pneumonia in his left lung.
I had assumed Harrison was just extra fussy because he was teething. Not the case.
The last week or so has not been so much fun.
Antibiotics, breathing treatments and sleepless night.
His first tooth finally popped through and he is working on getting one right beside it.
Happy 6 months Baby Harry!
A happy 6 months to his friend who also turns 6 months today---
Jereme Higgenbotham.

Monday, May 25, 2009

J & K + 8

Tonight's the season premier.
They sit down and talk about the "rumors".
In all seriousness, Jack likes to watch this show. I felt like for the most part this was something we could watch together. Now, not so much. At least we still have Family Guy.
By the way Kate, my sister Rebekah called. She wants her hair back.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The annoying noise part two

If you are a regular blog reader you may recall my post a couple months ago about the annoying noise right outside my bedroom window.

We never did quite figure out what it was, but it eventually went away on its own.

Our house has a pool. An in ground pool. It needs a new liner and it is on order, but due to the recent torrential rainfall it may be a while before the liner gets installed. The pool is uncovered and is fairly full of rainwater.

The window less than a foot from my side of the bed opens directly onto the pool. Give the clip above a listen and you know what I hear every night. Closing the windows helps a little, but it is still very loud. I hate frogs, I am scared of frogs. I think they are taunting me.

(did I tell you we live in town? not on an island in the middle of a lake)

If you listen very closely you can also hear somewhat of a screeching sound. I have deduced that that must be a monkey.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's get down and dirty

It rained A LOT last Friday.
Jack reaped the rewards of the rainfall by playing in the yard/swamp.


Thanks so much for all of the comments on the post below.
Thanks also for the phone calls, cards,
and to those who have seen me out in public and wished me well.
I appreciate your show of support and genuine care for my safety.
Here's a couple of things I do know for sure:

-we gotta get some mole t-shirts made!

-life will go on

-I check the mail with a new found sense of excitement.

-my life really is not nearly as exciting as my "stalker" probably thinks that it is (although Jack and I did go to dinner with Amber, RJ, and Heidi Lindemann last night and then came home to watch the AI season finale, but that's not a typical Tuesday)

-I have had more fun with this than the sender probably intended me to

-next time I decide to add someone to "my group", he/she must be an employee of CSI

-this story, with some work, should be adapted for the stage

Answers to these questions, I have none:

-I really do have no idea who sent the letter, I don't plan or need to dwell on that. Receiving this letter does not change in my mind (or the minds of the other victims) the people who are responsible for committing the crime of hacking into our e-mail accounts or those who participated in the crime by possessing and distributing the e-mails.

-I am not sure, but I would certainly hope that the letter was written that badly on purpose.

-No, I am not going to take it to the police station for fingerprinting.

-I am not scared for my life.

And on we go.

Not saying that I won't revisit this subject, but I got cute pictures of my kids to post, Jon and Kate are in serious trouble, and we are going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

As always, I continue to be your ever faithful servant.

Sarah D.

Just a small town girl............................

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An ounce of Facebook equals a PINT of cure???

Some of you may know that a few months ago my email account was hacked into. (if you are not aware, call me I will tell you the WHOLE story--it's really good! You won't believe the wacky cast of characters, with some very unexpected guest stars!) Anyhoo, we are very aware of the douchebags who committed this crime, but just to make it a little more interesting, I've got to share this "letter" that I received in the mail today.

Click on the letter to enlarge for your reading pleasure....

1. I pretty much think everything is funny. Pretty much everything. A few things I don't think are funny--computer hacking, Priests who molest young boys, anonymous letters that are poorly written and spelled.

2. A "mole in my group". HMMM.... now while I received this letter from an anonymous source, I am more than 100% certain that it was not written by someone in "my group" People in "my group" would never be responsible for such a poorly written item for they would know that they would receive the wrath of Mrs. Bierman (someone who is in "my group").

3. I honestly believe that everything I need to know in life I learned from watching Little House on The Prairie (and John Hughes movies, but that does not translate as well for this post). In this episode, if only Reverend Alden could have been honest with Charles and Almanzo this situation would have never went as far as it has.

4. A question to my blog readers (or those who are part of my "blog world"). Do all of you feel as though you have some sort of an inside track? What IS the inside track? A train track? The high school track (they do leave the lights on all night there, that must be it.) Why does one need the inside track? To illegally hack into my computer? Believe me, I send some funny emails, but no one except Chuck Farley would think they were funny enough to risk prison time over.

5. Being on facebook makes you feel better about this situation? Congratulations. Who knew that was all it took to wash away your sins. I put a friend request out to Blago. He's done some wrong as well, but I am sure that he will be happy to know that facebook can make it ALL better.

6. "Move forward from this pint" (don't worry I'll get to the pint thing) Move forward? Why oh why would I want to? At this point (and that's how you spell it) it is WAY to much fun. I can't wait until the next time "my group" gets together so we can have more fun with this.

7."Move forward from this pint" I assume the writer meant point. Or perhaps they were writing this from jolly ole England. If so, good day. Pee on the loo and smoke a fag. The bangers and mash are almost ready.

Here's the envelope it came in.
The stamp is on the wrong side. Is that how they do it in England?
For future reference, my address is 509 Charles.
FYI, The adress was typed on a seperate piece of paper, cut out, and taped onto the envelope. People in "my group" know how to print on an envelope, or at least an adress label. Next letter I'm hoping for individual letters cut out of magazine and newspaper pages in true psycho fashion.

In closing, I'm starting to think maybe I need a bodyguard.
My e-mail has been hacked into, I am receiving anonymous letters,
and I have what most would consider to be a stalker that drives by my house on a regular basis (what do you think he thinks he is going to see?).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Caption this winner

Earlier this week I asked for a caption for this photo.
After a nationwide vote, we have a winner!
And the caption for this photo is............
submitted by Jill Michl--Jill your prize is on its way!
They were all good, but here are a couple of other favs
Submitted by Kathryn
"did I do that? (in a Steve Urkel voice)"
submitted by Amber
do they make a manzier in 6-9 months?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Caption This

This picture needs a caption!!!
Leave me a comment with the caption
that you think fits it best and
the most creative and fitting caption (that I choose)
will win a variety of movie size boxes of candy.
You have until Friday at 9am.

Enter as many times as you would like!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Holly!

Happy Birthday Holly Farley!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sarah Sellz has new stuff

Great new bags at SARAH SELLZ

Mother's Day is almost here.
You know she wants a purse!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

as I say---not as I do

Bristol Palin, teen mom, is the new spokesperson for a campaign that promotes abstinence and abstinence only sex-ed for teens.
In other news, I have been asked to become the spokesperson for the people who wear size two jeans foundation.

I get it, she made a mistake. She wants others to realize that it could happen to them.
Just say no, purity rings, Joe Simpson.

The problem is, it's just not realistic. 62% of teenagers have had sex by the 12th grade.

Recently my niece who is in 7th grade was taught sex ed. How was it taught? With a hard-boiled egg of course! She was to take care of an egg, teaching her that taking care of a baby is hard. I misunderstood and thought that when you wanted to have sex you should try to eat an egg instead. I now keep a 12 pack of hard boiled eggs in my fridge just ready to give Cliff when he wants to have some "sexy times".

Bristol is cute. She really is. Her son is a doll and I love his name. Levi is HOT.
They are just kids. They act like kids. Kids do stupid stuff. Kids have sex. Wish it away all you want, but when your kid comes home pregnant or tells you they have gotten someone pregnant, your gonna wish that maybe they had had access to a little more information than the "just don't have sex" kind.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Jack had his first t-ball practice last night. His team is called the BEE's. He was SOOO excited about the practice. I got a little teary at the thought of my baby being old enough to play ball. I insisted on taking him so I could take pictures to document the event.
I was worried because I had ordered his cleats, baseball pants, and other gear but it had not arrived yet. I thought he would need it for practice. Cliff said he would not. Cliff was WRONG. There was another boy wearing his baseball pants and that kid was GOOD! It was the pants, I know it was.
Jack is going to perform so much better once he gets his pants and shoes.

Jack spent more time than any of the other kids taking a break for a drink.
I don't blame him. He had brought Gatorade in his very cool baseball backpack that has a place to hold his bat and Gatorade.
Overall the practice was pretty interesting.
The Coach kept calling Jack Jake and then wondered why he would not come when he yelled for Jake to take his turn batting.
Only one kid cried. He cried the entire practice. It was not my son--Jake.
Jack (who has attended more than his fair share of sporting events) wanted to know who the winner was. It was easy to explain since it was only a practice. Not going to be so easy to explain when it is a game (because they do not keep score at games).
After practice we headed to Pizza Man to pick up pizza.
As I was paying one of the teenagers who work there came out of the bathroom while zipping up his pants. Pretty good sign that he had not washed his hands.
We should have went to Joe's.
I still ate the pizza.
On to American Idol...................

I get that Adam is good.
I get that he is so gay that Clay Aiken is a little scared.
The judges love him.
It's just all a little much.
He's too polished.
I need an American Idol that's a little bit more rough around the edges.
I like Allison.
Danny is still my pick.
On the Today show this morning they said Paula has admitted to taking prescription pills.

And then.......
The Real Housewives of NYC season finale last night.
I purposely found a picture without Kelly. I am fairly certain that she does not read my blog, but just in case, I don't want her to get anymore of a bigger head than she already has.
I am so sad the season is over. I cannot wait until the reunion show next week.
Open casting dates for the Real Housewives of Jasper County will be announced soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

5th of May
Riddle me this?
Why do Mexicans name people JESUS (pronounces hey-zues)?