Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here we go again.....

Saturday the mail lady brought me a little something special.

Anonymous letter number 2!!

Remember the first one? You can read the post about it here.

This time I'm not going to share it all with you. The stuff about me, whatever. The stuff about my husband and kids, not so much.

Let me start by sharing (for all of you who have never had the joy of receiving an anonymous letter) the roller coaster of emotions one goes through when you pluck the letter from your pile of mail.
Interest, bewilderment, anger, sadness, hunger, shock, thirst, anger, humor, thirst, more shock, confusion and more hunger.
(I cannot guarantee you will feel this way when or if you are the recipient of an anonymous letter, perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones who loses your appetite and then not only have you gotten an anonymous letter but the scale shows you have lost a few lbs!)

I'm not sure where to begin or what to say about this letter. This one was pretty mean and I gotta give it to the writer, minus the improper zip code placement in the return address it was error free and pretty well written. Of course when one gets a letter such as this even though there is probably no chance of ever finding out who the author is your mind does immediately go to a suspect(s). I have my ideas of who wrote it. Those of you who know about the group of individuals who committed crimes against me and my family could be thinking along the same lines I am.

One of the best parts about being the recipient of an anonymous letter is telling people you got an anonymous letter and then getting the sincere response of "who was it from?". Laugh or cry, that's the choice you have to make. In the face of douchbaggers that write something so vile and riddled with lies I have to choose to laugh.

Here's the deal with me. I get that not everyone likes me. Since the writer of the anonymous letter told me that I consider myself a martyr I will invoke the name of a real martyr. Mother Theresa. Even in all her martyrdom glory she had some idiots that did not like her. Not that I am Mother Theresa like in anyway. I am not a nun. I do not live in poverty. I don't go around doing good works and I have never professed that I am in any way, shape or form martyr like. (although at my death I do expect a large statue to be erected in my honor. I also expect all of my friends to laugh now in Beevus and Butthead style because I just used the word erect) I am what I am and at the ripe old age of 37 years old I don't see myself doing to much changing, but that could change to. I don't want to purposely make anyone angry. I don't ever try to purposely hurt any ones feelings. I am not made of stone (until statue time at my death) and if you cut me I will bleed (orange and blue. GO EAGLES!).

The letter was signed "Concerned Citizen of Jasper County".

After thinking about it for a couple of days I suppose I should consider myself flattered. With all the problems Jasper County has to be concerned about I am what the anonymous douchebag chooses to focus on. WOW!! Who knew I was that important or powerful? A reality show has to be the next step for someone with my level of fame!!

The letter advised me to "step carefully" and last sentence of the letter told me to "Consider yourself warned". Noted. I'll make sure to write that one down and carry it with me. That way if you ever do get the balls to reveal yourself I'll have something on hand to shove up your ass.

I am also a concerned citizen of Jasper County but I'm not anonymous about my concerns. I care about my son's school so I joined the PTO. I support Newton Athletics, I want to see the athletic programs at NCHS continue their tradition of excellence so I am the Co-Chairwoman of the NCHS Athletic Boosters. I'm concerned about issues that face our county so I am active in the Jasper County Democrat Party and was recently appointed the Jasper County Democrat Precinct Committee Co-Chairwoman. I wish I could do more for Jasper County and someday if time permits I know that I will. I share these things not to toot my own horn but to say COME THE FREAK ON! Concerned Citizen my ass! Don't you have more important things to worry about than little ole me?

My God, Emily Allen is shopping for wigs. She's worried about finding hats to keep her head warm this winter because the chemo she is on to make sure her cancer goes away will also make her lose her hair. Be concerned about that. That's the kind of stuff that concerns me. That's the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. Seriously, think bigger. Think better.

I'll close with the wise words of one Cee Lo Green. His latest prose pretty much sums up my feelings about the most recent development in the freak show that is my life:

and on we go......