Tuesday, June 24, 2008

H E double hockey sticks

This afternoon as Jack sat down to try his first ever pack of fun dip that Amber had so nicely given him. I turned on the TV and was flipping through the channels and stopped at the movie THE BLUE LAGOON (one of the most awesomely bad movies of all time). Jack looked at the TV and said "what the hell are they doing?"

I was pretty sure I heard him correctly, but asked him to repeat it about 4 more times and then wrongly laughed a lot. I had to explain how wrong it was to say that word and that if he said it again there would be a punishment. We then had a discussion about bad words and not saying them. He asked me what bad words were and could I tell him some. I considered using this as an opportunity to teach him about the late, great, George Carlin, but I will save that until he is a little bit older.


Rebekah said...

I dont care how old ya are... that's some funny shit! oops! used a bad word!

Jace said...

My question is what the hell is Jack doing that provokes him to be asked what the hell are you doing enough that he picked up on it? lol.

jlmichl2 said...

That's okay Sara....I have already decided that one of Zoey's first sentences will be..."What the hell!" It is so much more funny when a child says it!!! haha

Aubrey said...

That Damn Dog!!

That is Grady's favorite phrase to use when the dog has run away.

Is this the first use of potty words from Jack?

Major Mom said...

You're brave to admit you were watching the Blue Lagoon! My husband and I came across it on AMC or Lifetime or something this past spring and it was like watching a car wreck -- we couldn't stop watching!

To think that that was the Lipstick Mafia/Suddenly Susan girl!

Bummer about George Carlin, too. Don't know whether to tell my boys that a "Thomas the Tank Engine" narrator and Fillmore from "Cars" died.

(And we won't discuss at all Lightning McQueen's suicide attempt last year).

Sarah D said...

Jack has never said any bad words before unless you count fart or butt (used in bad way). So, I was pretty shocked when that one came out of his mouth!