Friday, August 31, 2007

Gabe and the van

Gabe, in his new jersey with the Eagle van.

It's a sunshine day

I think I'll go for a walk outside now............

It is so nice outside today. Football weather. Take Jack outside and let him play for longer than 20 minutes without me suffering from heat stroke weather. This is more like it.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hope this was worth the wait

So, last Friday I was driving through town and saw this blue fan with a football helmet on top, a big N on the hood and a Newton Eagles sign on the back. I was excited and needed more info. Later Lisa Turner informed me that Kenin and Kelby McCoy, sons of Greg and Joanna were the owners and creators of the ultimate Eagle ride. Jack, Gabe, and myself loaded up and headed all the way to almost Willow Hill tonight to see this awesome display of Eagle Pride for ourselves.

Here she is. Pretty huh?

The McCoy boys only take it to school on Fridays (makes it more special that way). Kenin informed me that there was a waiting list to get to go with him to lunch in the van. I was to shy to ask if he would put me on the list. Ok, not shy-I just knew he would think I was some crazy old lady.

You can see her up close and personal at the Olney vs. Newton game tomorrow night.

The van will also be making an appearance in the Homecoming parade.

From the back.

Karsyn (I really hope I spelled that right) McCoy and the van. Karsyn is so sweet and just beautiful. Jack had a lot of fun playing with her while we were at the McCoy's. He was too busy playing with Karsyn to let me take his picture with the Eagle van.

I did get a picture of Gabe with the van-in his new jersey. I promise to post it tomorrow.

Kenin with his beautiful van. Kenin is pretty darn cute! Ok, he is really cute. Check out his fabulous senior pics on Amber Lindeman's website

Oh, and it gets better. Check out the back of this van! Luxurious and comfortable. I forgot to ask if they rent it out.
Thanks so much McCoy's for letting me come to your home to take pictures of that beautiful van! And if a Friday opens up for lunch-CALL ME!!!

The jerseys are in!!

The NCHS Athletic Boosters sold football jerseys at Media Night. They came in today! I wanted the privilege of personally taking Aaron Turner his. I think he REALLY liked it!

Lookin' good Aaron!


Finally Rebekah has some new pictures on her blog
They are really cute (or as Rebekah would say, HOT). It was worth the wait. Keep em' coming!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This week's Associated Press Illinois Class 3A Football Rankings

1. St. Joe-Ogden (1-0)
2. Spring Valley Hall (1-0)
3. Plano (1-0)
4. DuQoin (1-0)
5. Tolono Unity (1-0)
6. Newton (1-0)
7. Carthage Illini West (1-0)
8. Manlius Bureau Valley (1-0)
9. Anna Jonesboro (1-0)
10. Greenville (1-0)

Coming soon.....

Tomorrow night I head out for my first ever Sarah Sez road trip. I will be leaving Newton for the specific purpose of bringing you the latest news. Curious?? Eagle fans won't be disappointed. Check back tomorrow night to see what I am talking about.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Shout out to Ashley Bunton (wife of Evan, sister-in-law to Holly, all around cool chick). I wish she lived here. I just know we would have some F-U-N.

Call Gabe Ishmael

We picked Gabe up after school today and headed out to the pool.

Gabe decided he was going to "ride the whale"-Jack calls it a dolphin-I'm not sure what it is but calling it a whale gave me a chance to throw in a Moby Dick reference. I am not sure why he needed the broom and felt like this could in tragically.

Gabe jumps in with the whale and the broom. He made it in broom and all.

Gabe his whale and a broom.

It doesn't get much better.

Jack swimming away as Gabe hangs out on the whale/dolphin.

Jack, trying to spot a whale in the distance.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Another one bites the dust

Alberto Gonzales the US Attorney General has resigned. Who knows what old Albert will do next. Word on the street is that you may see him behind the counter at your local KFC (ok, I made that up). The big question is who will be the next cabinet member to fall. At this point only Oprah can save President Bush. Too bad he does not watch Oprah. I think Bob the Builder is on at the same time.


Oh Owen, say it isn't so.
For now let's just remember him in our prayers.

The final countdown

This weekend I was made very aware of just how far reaching my blog is. I am honored, thrilled, and a little frightened. So, to track the visitors to my blog I have added a counter. You can see it on the right of the page. Now I can obsess over the number of visits my blog receives.

Keep checking back. You never know what you will find next.

by the way, I have to give Jessica Flowers the props for walking me through the steps of installing the counter. There really is no way I could have figured it out myself.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dog fighting=BAD

I know a lot of my readers have been waiting for me to way in on this very timely issue. Dog fighting.
After much contemplation I can come to no other conclusion than that dog fighting is just plain wrong. Be you a NFL superstar or the neighborhood industrial strength lubricant salesman, no good can come of it.

Instead of dog fighting why not try cock fighting? Although I cannot be sure of the exact statistics I would say that the majority of Americans enjoy dogs. Some of them even have them as pets. Cocks, or chickens (maybe they are roosters but those are chickens too-right?) are not beloved American pets. In fact chicken makes an excellent meal whereas (once again I cannot be sure of the exact stats) most people are opposed to eating dog-however it is prepared. So, Mr. Vick once you are released from jail why not build a chicken coop instead of some dog fighting pen. Letting chickens fight to the death can only mean someone is going to eat a good meal. Call up KFC, they may be looking for a new spokesman.

Michael Vick: dog lover he may not be but boy he sure knows how to wear a suit.


Check out the latest addition to the fabulous and oh so addictive blogging world. Bill Flower's new blog WILL-I-AM (cool name) at

Sarah Sez would like to officially welcome Bill and congratulate him on his new blog.

Eagles 35 Pana 0

Friday night the Eagles opened their 2007 season at home versus Pana. I had been anticipating this night since the end of last years season. I know that I am going in a couple of weeks and could not be more excited, but this, this truly is my Disneyland.

The Eagles warming up prior to the game. And this year something new-music during the warm up! It was awesome and really added to the atmosphere. Jack loved it so much he did some dancing!

Running through the paper. At this point I had already clapped so hard that I had busted a blood vessel in my hand.

If you look REALLY hard you may be able to see Gabe in the very back.

Opening kick off.
Overall a great game. Even though Gabe got sick and had to go home after the half (3 pieces of pizza 2 Dr Peppers and Skittles will do that to you) and it poured during the fourth quarter. Jack and I went home wet and happy Eagles fans

Check out Baby Grant Fulton representin'! I love Baby Grant. He is so good and just adorable. Grant is already one of the best Newton Eagle and Coach Fulton fans!

These pictures are the property of Michelle Fulton and were posted by her suggestion and with her permission.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sara D's top 10 football moments (so far)

10. Stephen Frichtl pumping his helmet in the air as AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" played over the loudspeaker at the Effingham playoff game last year. Really, everything about that game was pretty awesome. Effingham sucks and I am praying we beat them this year.

I already miss Big Steve

9. The Mt. Vernon game two years ago. We lost and it was awful, but it was still one of the best games I have ever seen. I think this was the game when most of us realized that that team was for real. We were right because a few weeks later we watched them play for the championship in Champaign.

8. ANYTIME Todd Short raises his arms to let the crowd know it is time to get on our feet and make some noise. At the end of the day we all need to remember that "a man called Short will lead them".

7. Arriving at the play-off game in Anna-Jonesboro almost three hours early just to get a seat. That was a fun game and the cheerleaders did a great job. We stopped at Chili's in Mt. Vernon on the way home for a victory dinner. I really like Chili's.

6. Everything about the 2005 season. The town decked out in orange and blue, the poem the Bierman boy wrote, the trip to that horribly cold game in Champaign, holding up little Brooke Koebele so she could hug Alex Koebele after the championship game in Champaign as she cried and he cried and she said "I love you Alex" then I cried.

5. Bill Huth's heart attack on the field after the game at Mahomet. It was awful. So scary. I was so proud of Michelle as she gave Bill CPR. I know it was so hard for her. Watching all of the Newton fans on that football field take a knee and pray for Bill. Luckily Bill survived. I can't wait to take my seat in front of him Friday night.

4. Beating Effingham at Effingham four years ago (I think it was 4 years ago). Watching Jason run out on the field and pick up Coach Bob. Priceless.

3. Gabe getting to running through the paper onto the field for the first time. He could not go nearly as fast as the boys, but they waited for him. Don't we all wish we could run through that paper!

2. Jadean (Mrs. Coach Bob) going into the gas station to buy beer to cook brats for the coaches on our way home from the Pana game last year. She had NEVER bought beer and I offered to go in and get it for her, luckily she wanted to do it herself. It was HILARIOUS watching her try to find the beer and then pick some out. She got her beer and I heard the brats were great.

1. Two years ago at Mt. Zion, Kyle Pittman-#81 in your program #1 in our hearts-intercepted the ball and made a touchdown. Michelle and I were jumping up and down as I peed my pants out of excitement. Jason and Todd were both so thrilled and turned around and pointed to us in the crowd. We felt honored and Michelle deservedly took credit for that TD. She had been telling them for a long time to give the ball to Kyle.

AHH memories. Good times, good times.

Associated Press 3A Poll

1. St. Joseph Ogden

2. Spring Valley Hall

3. Tolono Unity

4. Plano

5. Duqoin


7. Carthage Illini West

8. Manlius Burea Valley

9. Anna-Jonesboro

10. Momence

Maybe bunks beds are not such a good idea.

Jack has a train bed. The train bed is a toddler bed and we have been wanting him to move up to a regular twin bed for a while now. He wants bunk beds really bad. He has been wanting bunk beds since we were at the Farley's a couple of weeks ago and he saw Cole Farley's bunk beds. He was really impressed with the "ladder bed" and has talked about bunk beds non-stop ever since.

Today I heard a loud crash in Jack's room and went in to see him laying on the floor crying really hard. After he calmed down a little bit he told me that he had "jumped off of the high dive". He has a big round red place on his cheek from his crash landing. He still insists that his bed is the high dive. Maybe we won't get the bunk beds after all.

One month to go!

As of today there is officially one month until we leave for Disney!! My anticipation grows daily.
Jack can't wait to ride in an airplane and he says he is going to kiss Minnie!


Another addition to the blogging family! Jace Hills shares his point of view on his new blog check it out!

The first full day of school

We got to take Kennedy Parr to school this morning. I also helped her get dressed and did her hair. Her hair did not look so hot, but Kennedy is so cute it really did not matter. Don't you just love her outfit!

Jack wanted to go to school too! When we walked out the door he ran back in the house and got his backpack. He was pretty disappointed when he found out he had to stay with me.


Friday night is almost here. The lights, the porkburgers, On Wisconsin. Can you feel it? Are you ready for it? Get ready.
The Eagles are coming.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new addition to the blogosphere

Sarah Sez would like to officially welcome Jessica Flowers to the wonderful world of blogging. Check out her blog "All the Little Flowers" at . You won't be sorry. She has some model beautiful children whose pictures are a must see.

Jack and the tuxedo

Jack was in Cliff's nephew Carl's wedding this past Saturday. I had been very excited at the prospect of dressing Jack in a tuxedo. Not so excited about getting him to walk down the aisle. Once again, Jack surprised me a did a fabulous job. He had so much fun and looked SOOO cute!

He actually liked wearing the tuxedo. I think he knew he looked good!

Jack and Mommy.

Jack walked down the aisle with Macy. He really liked Macy A LOT! By then end of the day he had totally gotten on her nerves and she kept telling me that Jack would not leave her alone.

Jack helped Macy throw the petals. He was not supposed to help her with the petals and I don't think she really wanted any help.

Jack with his first cousins Hunter and Hayden. They are twins. I am serious. They are twins.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Yesterday was President Clinton's birthday. I wish I could have been with him as he celebrated. Democrat or Republican, you know this guy has to be a lot of fun. Look up charisma in the dictionary and I think you may find his picture.
Shout out to my Mom, Little Debbie. Yesterday was her b-day.
My church hosted the Newton Eagles Football team and their coaching staff for a lunch after their practice on Saturday, August 11th. This was so much fun and these boys were so nice and very respectful. I hope they don't behave that way on the football field!

Katelynn Dusablon and the QB.

Coach Fulton with Gabe, Aaron Turner, and Cole Dusablon.

Aaron Turner with Kelby McCoy. Check out Aaron's shirt.

Dominic with Aaron and Cole.

The ladies in the kitchen.

Gabe and PP.

Me and Laurie Wilson with Dominic. I have said it before and I will say it again. I love Dominic Ginder!

Gabe and Aaron enjoying some dessert. Gabe said those were the best cupcakes he has had in his entire life!

Dad giving them a little speech before the meal.

Jessica with her nephew Dakota. In my head, Dakota Flowers should not be old enough to play football let alone drive a car! I am getting old!

Aaron Turner got EVERY member of the Varsity Football team to sign his shirt. It was pretty cool watching them lined up in the hallway to sign his shirt. They all did it no questions asked. I hope it made them feel like the celebrities that Aaron thinks that they are!