Monday, June 29, 2009

The pool is open for business

Our pool is finally open! After waiting and waiting for the new liner to get put in we finally have a pool that is swimworthy.
(It looked too bad to show the before this before pics)
Residing in the pool before the old liner was removed was a
5 1/2 long snake, 100's of tadpoles, snails, and LOTS of frogs (yes, I was VERY freaked out).


Jack is thoroughly enjoying the pool.
After it being open only one and a half weeks, he is SO brown and his hair is
pretty much white.

I am happy to report after last week's swim lessons with
Stephen Frichtl (who I highly recommend) Jack is now
totally floaty free.
Harry likes the water!
We love having people over to swim.
Having a pool is no good if no one is swimming in it.
Give us a call if you want to come over and take a dip!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Jack's ball season is half over (thank God).

The magic pants and shoes arrived before the first game. I was fairly certain that once Jack had all his gear on he would play at a 5th grade level at the very least.

Stupidly I did not try the pants or shoes on Jack before game day. The pants were too small. Really, really tight around the stomach. I made him wear them anyway. The shoes were also on the small side and really hard to get on with his black baseball socks. I made him wear them anyway.

He did look cute
(no one said looking good comes easy)
unlike the rest of his outfit, his Bee's hat was on the large side

The first time on base.

Heading for second....

A much needed break after that long run.
Back in the game.......

Jack says he likes playing ball.
His favorite part seems to be the free soda at the "session" stand after the game.
I did purchase Jack another pair of pants. The next pair were way too big.
We gave up and I have just been letting him wear shorts.
Just wait until next year when Jack has a uniform that really fits.
He will be so good that if there were crying allowed in baseball, you would cry.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Harrison is 7 months old

Harry is 7 months old today.

You can check out the results of his recent photo session with
our very good pal
and all around good gal,
Amber Lindemann of Photographics by clicking on this link

Are these not the cutest pictures you have ever seen?
(of course pictures of your kids are cuter, you have to say that)

Amber does amazing work.
Pictures with her are pretty much painless.
I'm sure having such a cute subject makes her job that much easier.

Remember Michael~~~one line at a time

I said you wanna be startin' somethin'
You got to be startin' somethin'
It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a sad day

What a day.

First Farrah lost her battle with cancer.

I think the picture below is how most of us will remember her.
The King of Pop is dead

Michael Jackson.

He was our Elvis.

Bad blogger

I've been bad at keeping my blog updated lateley. I could blame it on the heat, but the air conditioner is located a foot from the computer. It's actually almost cold sitting here.

  • I missed my blog's second anniversary. Sarah Sez is two years old! My baby sure has grown.
  • We finally got our pool open and swimworthy. The new liner looks great. I have before and after pictures that I will share soon. Jack wants to be in the pool every moment he is awake. With Harry's fair complexion and breathing problems he can't be outside in the heat and sun that much, so that leaves Jack none to happy. He has been pretty lucky to have friends over that he can swim with while I stay inside with Harrison.
  • Even though the pool was filled with super cold water straight from the water truck it only took about two days for it to be warm enough for even me (who likes it warm) to swim in.
  • Can you believe Sarah Jessica Parker named her babies Marion and Tabitha? I hope she is paying homage to Mrs. C from Happy Days and Tabitha from Bewitched.
  • I just asked Jack to sing the God Bless America song he learned at VBS. Instead he sang the ENTIRE theme song from American Dad (the adult cartoon on Fox). I am such a good Mom ;) I don't think I will ask him to perform at the Bierman's annual fourth of July bash.
  • Harrison really needs to learn how to crawl. He is great at rolling. Really good at it. He gets himself rolled into a corner and can't get out then cries until I come and get him.-
  • I spent WAY too much time searching for a Fourth of July outfit for Harrison. I finally gave up and got something (and it was cute and just fine) from Old Navy and a Old Navy flag T for Jack. Not what I had in mind, but it will do. I don't remember wearing holiday outfits as a child. Now, it seems like you need to get some sort of a t-shirt or special outfit for Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Earth Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Not to mention Christmas, Easter, and Halloween which all require a new special outfit, but also some sort of a t-shirt to wear to school or the grocery store.
  • Jack is playing ball. I also have pictures of that to post. I already don't like the ballpark. I know it will be my summer home away from home for the next 15 years or so.
  • Cliff left for work Sunday night and won't be home until Saturday evening. Spending every single minute of every day with the kids by myself is starting to take a huge toll on me. Sleep is a precious commodity that Harrison does not seem to realize the value of.
  • I am almost embarrassed to admit that I watched "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here". Not religiously, but I was glad Lou Diamond Phillips won. Patti Blago seemed like an ok, normal gal. I hope she does not go to jail.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It really is sad.

Of course I watched Monday night. Did you? Thoughts?
It was sad.
I actually felt sorry for Kate.
What idiots they are to think that filming the show had no part in the demise of their marriage.
I sure did think those Crooked Houses were cool.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


This Monday. A very special Jon and Kate Plus 8.
They have an announcement.
If you pay attention to any sort of Internet information websites (which I do),
all signs point to D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
Watching older episodes they really did seem happy.
Sure, Kate is a total bitch, but that's her thing.
I don't know anyone who has that many children (6 of them being the same age to boot), but I can only imagine that the stress could leave anyone a little bitchy.
Jon was Jon. Taking what was dished out. It seemed to work for them.
They seemed happy. They were just fine in the house that Kate said was TOO small.
They got more famous. They made more money.
And, as Kate got tanner and her hair got spikier in the back and longer in the front on just one side, it seemed that Jon's balls got smaller and smaller.
Perhaps Kate should have went back and watched herself in an episode from Season 3 and listen to herself say this:
We the people of the Gosselin Family
do dedicate ourselves to telling others about God's love.
We establish these two basic principles:
1. Love and honor God and others.
2. Be thankful for our blessings.
"The one that I knew had to be on there was we have always said, although it hasn't been on a mission statement, we will never put other things before our family. That is very important to us."
- Kate Gosselin, 04/21/2008"
I almost feel like I should say I will not watch anymore.
That it is enough.
That's really what I should do.
I won't. I will keep watching.
Jack really liked watching the "kid show". I really enjoyed watching it with him.
Now, not so much.
At least we still have Family Guy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just because............

Today's my birthday................
This picture always makes me smile.......
You know I love shoes for my kids....
Here's some that I got Harrison last week....
I know, it's a little much, but it's my birthday and I'll by my kid shoes if I want to.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My new nephew Quincy

I have a new nephew!!!!!!!!!!!
son of Michelle and Jason
brother to Gabe and Dexter
nephew to me
Born 5*27*09
It's been a long road. Finally he is home.
Newton, IL. Where he belongs.

The circle of life
Welcome to the family little Q
Before I knew your name,
Before I saw your chin and your nose,
Before I counted your fingers and toes,
I asked heaven for someone as wonderful as you,
And ever prayer and wish came true.
I dreamed of you...Before I knew your name.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's all right cause I'm SAVED BY THE BELL

Earlier this week Zack Morris appeared on the Jimmy Falon show. This clip is a little long (9 minutes) but if Saved By The Bell played as an important of a part in your formative years as it did in mine, it's a must see!!!!

Do you remember?


Do they still make it?

Drinking ZIMA made you cool.

If they do, grab a 6 pack and come on over.

(who am I kidding, you better make it 12)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wine 'em dine 'em fish fry '09 'em

Friday night at the Newton KC Hall
Annual NCHS Football Fish Fry
The NCHS Athletic Boosters will have the 2009 football t-shirts for sale as modeled by Jack.

A great shirt rain or shine.

t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, baseball style 3/4 length t's
Orange and blue quilted totes and duffles.
All for sale.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My boys

Harrison has mastered sitting up.
Cliff so graciously pointed out that
he has a pretty wide area on his bottom to hold him up.

Jack and I went to the Farley's for some F-U-N
one day last week.
Jack showed up in his very favorite shirt and Cole ran to put his matching one on.
Ross Farley is not a joiner!
He did his own thing and put on a
Transformer shirt.

Zoey Michl (daughter of Jill) giving Baby Harry some
love at the Strawberry Festival.
I LOVE this picture.
I cannot resist a matching outfit.