Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Brown Bear

Today my nephew Dexter James Fulton is one year old.
One year ago I had no idea he would be a part of our lives.
One year ago I did not know what I was missing.
Thank God he is ours.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

30 weeks

30 weeks pregnant today. If all goes as planned I will have my c-section exactly 2 months from today on 11*28, the day after Thanksgiving.

I really feel pregnant. I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and don't get me started on the wet pants I walk around with most of the time from sneezing, coughing, laughing, or shutting the fridge door to hard.

The name thing is really getting to me. Nothing is jumping out at me. Cliff likes only one name and if we can't use it (and we can't) he is out of suggestions. Surely withing two months I can come up with something.

I did find this fun baby name generator.

Not sure how great it is, Marvin was one of the names it suggested for me, but it was fun. Actually Marvin Kinkade is not that bad.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain is going to go

McCain is coming to the debate.

Good move on his part, says I.

I will be at the football game in Paris tonight, but plan to listen on the way home to the replay and then watch again late tonight.

I actually considered staying home to watch.

Is McCain gonna show???

Dear John McCain,
You are not fooling me with all this "putting the campaign on hold" talk.
It looks to me like you are scared.
Don't be a pussy.
Show up for the debate tonight.
Sincerely yours,
Sarah Kinkade

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should we???

By the way, if you read my previous post I referred to Baby Kinkade as Chuck Chuck. That's pretty much what we call him all of the time.

My Mom brought some of Jack's baby clothes over the other day. She labeled the packages as Clothes for Baby Chuck Chuck.

At the grocery store the other day a blog reader (shout out to Missy) said hello and immediately asked me how Chuck Chuck was doing.

When ANY other name is mentioned Jack gets angry and says "NO!! IT IS BABY CHUCK CHUCK!"

At this point is giving him another name even worth it??

Will he be called Chuck Chuck forever?

Should we just name him Charles Charles Kinkade??

The birds and the bees

This afternoon Jack and I were having a nice chat about Baby Chuck Chuck, what it would be like when he came, how we would give him a bath etc.
This turned to Jack asking questions about the baby hospital. He really wants to go with me and spend the night. Even though I have told him over and over that Mam and Bamp will bring him to see me and Baby Chuck Chuck after he is born.
--by the way I am having a scheduled c-section, I had to have an emergency one with Jack (I almost died, ask my Mom) so this time my DR thinks it is best to just go ahead and plan for one
Then Jack asked me to open my mouth, I did, he then said "how will Chuck Chuck get out? Your mouth is not big enough." I told him that Dr. Houseworth would have to get him out of my belly. Of course Jack asked how. I then said well, they will probably just open up my belly and take him out. Jack's eyes got really big. I told him it would not hurt. I guess that was ok because he then told me that Chuck Chuck could not sit by him in the car.


In case you are unaware, besides being just my fabulous self, I am also the co-chairwoman of the NCHS Athletic Boosters (Jackie Schackmann being the other co-chair).

You see us at Football games selling t-shirts, hats, yard signs, and car decals. Hopefully NCHS Athletes have hit you up to purchase a pizza to help support the Athletic Boosters (and you purchased some).

What do the Athletic Boosters do??? In the past couple of years we have made numerous sizable donations to the renovation of the weight room (which all athletes use). Helped send the volleyball team, boys and girls basketball teams to summer camps and contributed to the new countdown clock used at the football games.

Whenever any of the NCHS Athletic teams have a need the school has not budgeted for, the Athletic Boosters are there to help.

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Athletic Boosters. I am proud of the work that we do.

Which brings me to my point. PLEASE be very aware that when you purchase any Newton Eagle gear from CVS, Alco, Newton IGA, or some other random individual, unless they tell you differently, the money IS NOT going to support NCHS Athletes. It's going in their pocket. Now, that is very fair. It's a free world and good for them for having an enterprising spirit, but just remember why you want that Newton Eagle t-shirt. You want to support the Newton Eagles right???

So buy from whomever you must, but make sure to ask them if they are giving a percentage of their proceeds to the Newton Eagles. If they say no, please consider making a donation to your favorite Newton Athletic team or the NCHS Athletic Boosters.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween costume hell

Jack has worn some pretty cool Halloween costumes. Last year he was a UPS Driver. For his first Halloween he was ELVIS. I feel like I had set a pretty high standard on him having a cool costume. I learned a couple of years ago if you want something unique you have to shop early, or the Tom Arma frog costume that you just have to have will be back ordered (fyi-you need to call in August to get the good Tom Arma costumes, how crazy is that?). Last year (I think with my friend Kelley's help) right after Halloween I came across this Jockey costume. I thought my search was already over for Halloween of '08.

Then Jack developed a mind of his own where Halloween costumes are concerned and is now INSISTING that he will be a ghost. I know, I know how easy is that??? Just get a sheet and cut some eyes in it. I can't sew at all, even cut uniform circles in a sheet. I am pretty sure you can't wear a ghost costume to school (if they allow costumes at St. Thomas at all) so we still need something else to wear to school and I am still holding out hope that Jack will give up the idea of being a BORING ghost!

I suggested a skunk, Jack suggested a ghost. I looked at the skunk costumes anyway. To bad I don't have a dog.

So, at this point I am on the hunt for a non-scary ghost type costume. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
Maybe Chuck Chuck will have to be my little jockey next year!

Well DUH!!!

I am pretty sure even my three year old had figure out Gayken a long time ago.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's still a boy!!

I had my second sonogram today, we are now 100% sure that it is a Chuck Chuck.

Monday, September 22, 2008

One year ago today...

One year ago today Michelle, Gabe, Jack, and myself were in Walt Disney World. The most magical place in the world. Where the only thing you have to worry about is making sure you get to Dumbo right after rope drop. Today would have been a really good day to be back there.
Before I found out I was pregnant Cliff, Jack, and I had made plans to go. We would have been leaving Thursday of this week. I knew that there was no way I would be able to handle it at almost 8 months pregnant and there was also no way I would go if I could not do it right!!!
It really was a magical trip. I found out that that when you wish upon a star, dreams really can come true.

Upside down you turn me

This morning David Blaine got on his little monkey bar thing and prepared for his latest in a long line of stupid stunts. This time he says he will hang upside down for 60 hours. Drs say his head will not explode (but it would make for great TV), but he could go blind. He won't eat or sleep the entire time he is hanging upside down. The big question is how will he go to the bathroom?

New hair

Rebekah is a pretty cool Mom. She got Payton a super-cool really nice hair piece to wear when she cheers this year. It is made from human hair (do you think they really are selling all that hair people donate to locks of love?) and looks very real.

Michelle just HAD to try it.

Doesn't Payton look so pretty?!

AHH Dexter!
He loved that hair.

Gaming revolution

Yesterday Cliff, Jack, and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. While there I bought him this super cool Wooly Willy. You remember them, you move the magnet dust (or dirt as Jack called it) around with the stick thing and try to give Willy a cool hair-do. Cliff thought it was kind of stupid and that Jack would not like it. HA HA Cliff, Jack did like it and enjoyed playing with it for the remainder of the day!
UNTIL.........last night we went to Keely's b-day party. We cut Dawson a pretty sweet deal for this Nintendo Game Boy thing. It came with a SpongeBob game and Jack thinks he is the coolest kid ever. He has been asking for a DS (I don't know what that is) for quite a while because Gabe has one.

Me in all of my parenting wisdom had INSISTED that my child would not ever have video games. I have softened to that recently and thought perhaps at 7 or so he could get one. Then Jon and Kate's kids got some sort of a video game system on the camping episode and I thought Jack could get that for Christmas.

Never say never, rules are meant to be broken.

This is what Jack was doing before school this morning.

I am not sure he really knows how to play it.
SpongeBob can only get so far before he has to jump up a hill that neither Jack or I can get him up.
At least now I have something that he really likes that I can take away as a punishment if he is misbehaved.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am going to watch Dancing With the Stars

I have never watched DWTS before, but this season I am going to give it a shot. Why??, because a young lady named Cloris Leachman is a contestant this year.
Not only is she an Oscar winning actress, she also starred on a little show some of you may remember--THE FACTS OF LIFE!!!

Hopefully those DWTS people will wake up and put Natalie or Tootie on next season.
I bet Tootie could do it in roller skates!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

You gotta have Faith

I read about Faith, the two legged dog, in People magazine. I had to check out Faith's website. I am not a huge pet lover, but this dog's story is amazing.

Baby Chuck Chuck's new shoes

Baby Chuck Chuck got his first pair of shoes!!
They are so cute, so small, yet look so comfy.
--by the way, I LOVE it when people share pics of their kids shoes on their blogs,
I like shoes for myself just fine, but kids shoes are a lot more fun!!
If anyone comes across some size 11 (little boys) orange and blue Nike shoes while shopping or online anywhere, please let me know. Jack needs some (ok, he could use a pair to go with his orange and blue clothes, he is not going to go barefoot or anything) and we are having no luck finding them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


80,000 visits to Sarah Sez!!!
I would say I am speechless, but you know that's just not me!!
If you have not signed up as a Sarah Sez Follower, please see the new feature on the left.
I really am not that sure what it means, when I figure it out, I will pass out the uniforms and kool-aid cups so my cult can begin.

Free baby shampoo

Free sample of Johnsons Baby Shampoo


Happy Birthday to our good friend
Heidi Lindemann!!
Heidi is 4 years old today!
Have a great day Heidi!

Danger Playground ahead

Poor Jack took a tumble
on the playground at school one day last week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

While you wait..........

Last week Jack had his pre-school checkup.
We waited so long in the exam room that we took some pictures to relieve the boredom.

Since my sister is now a Nurse Practitioner and many other member of my family and close friends are nurses I may get crucified for this, but why oh why do we put up with waiting in the Dr's office?
Most people I know get very irritated and are even willing to say something if they have to wait to long to get the food they have ordered in a restaurant, but at the Dr's office say nothing. When they do finally arrive in the exam room all smiles and ask how you are doing, how many of you say "well, I am now really pissed off because I have waited so long and I would like to speak to a manager"?
Last week when the Nurse Practitioner finally came in (and it was not my sister) Jack told her "we have been waiting a REALLY LONG TIME". She did not seem to mind, no apologies, she is getting paid all the same. I just wandered if we would have been at TGI Friday's if at least we would have received a free appetizer for our troubles.

Sunday, September 14, 2008