Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Check out one of my blog obsessions

This woman has an $800 a year food budget for herself and her 3 daughters. She just went under the $800 mark a few weeks ago. She uses coupons and rebates and usually pays pretty much nothing for groceries and other household necessities.
I use none of the coupons or tips that she offers. That could be part of the reason why my monthly food budget is close to half of what she gives herself for a year, but it sure is interesting (at least to me) to see how she does it.

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Major Mom said...

This is wild! I'm passing this on to my sister and a neighbor, I commuserate all the time about our monthly food budgets with them both!

I'm with you -- our food budget is WAY more than it ought to be. Just tonight we impulsively went out for a Japanese hibachi dinner...that's $50 right there!