Monday, September 15, 2008

While you wait..........

Last week Jack had his pre-school checkup.
We waited so long in the exam room that we took some pictures to relieve the boredom.

Since my sister is now a Nurse Practitioner and many other member of my family and close friends are nurses I may get crucified for this, but why oh why do we put up with waiting in the Dr's office?
Most people I know get very irritated and are even willing to say something if they have to wait to long to get the food they have ordered in a restaurant, but at the Dr's office say nothing. When they do finally arrive in the exam room all smiles and ask how you are doing, how many of you say "well, I am now really pissed off because I have waited so long and I would like to speak to a manager"?
Last week when the Nurse Practitioner finally came in (and it was not my sister) Jack told her "we have been waiting a REALLY LONG TIME". She did not seem to mind, no apologies, she is getting paid all the same. I just wandered if we would have been at TGI Friday's if at least we would have received a free appetizer for our troubles.


Nancy said...

I totally agree with you!!
And if your sick the last thing ya wanna do is wait around with other people, or on their hard tables.

However..I see Dr. George, and I have never had to wait very long.
Maybe he is a better scheduler or somthing.

Michelle F said...

I'll be happy to bring you a free ink pen for your troubles :)

hncfarley said...

All depends on the patients before you and how many troubles they have. You definately want a practitioner who listens to you.
My advice, be one of the very first appointments of the day or the first one after lunch. That almost always gets you seen the quickest.
When they are running behind and swamped, they really can't come in and say, "Sorry I am late but you should have seen the train wreck in the last room!"

Jace said...

I guess it all depends on what doc and what your circumstance is. Jen and I have been to St. Johns 4 days in the past week with 5 appointments. We have not waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room and no time once we got in the patient room. Lucky or high priority? Not sure.

Jamee said...

Since I work for a local Dr., I can tell you that one of his biggest pet peaves is patients waiting to been seen, he just thinks it is rude. So, we get people in as soon as possible, and we go and apoligize if an emergency comes up.

But, I know not every Dr. is this way, last week I waited 2.5 hours to be seen for a half hour. Not only that, but I was sitting in the exam room with NO PANTS ON. And no, no one bothered to come check on me.

My suggestion, go see your sister next time.

Nancy said...

Dr. George is fast, yet he spends a fair amount of time with everyone. I love him:) I told his wife that