Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Chuck Chuck's new shoes

Baby Chuck Chuck got his first pair of shoes!!
They are so cute, so small, yet look so comfy.
--by the way, I LOVE it when people share pics of their kids shoes on their blogs,
I like shoes for myself just fine, but kids shoes are a lot more fun!!
If anyone comes across some size 11 (little boys) orange and blue Nike shoes while shopping or online anywhere, please let me know. Jack needs some (ok, he could use a pair to go with his orange and blue clothes, he is not going to go barefoot or anything) and we are having no luck finding them.


Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

I love Pedipeds! They are sooo cute! Not sure where you got Chuck Chuck's, but Over the Moon in Effy carries them, too! :-)

Tracie said...

super super super cute shoes.

i love em!!!

clkocher said...

Love them!!! My boys had Robeez when they were little and we loved them, but I have since discovered Pediped. Ella kate has a pair of red mary janes and a pair of pink mary janes with flowers. Very exciting. Chuck chuck is going to look so cool!!!

Jyn said...

Hey I saw some at Tuscola the last time I was there, but it has been a while. I almost bought him those Nikes, but he didn't need them right then.