Monday, September 8, 2008

MRS. FULTON goes to Washington

Saturday morning I got a call from my sister Michelle who said "guess where I'm at?" Needless to say, it was good. Really good. I asked her to take lots of pics for me to share on my blog and she offered to author a guest post. So without further aideu, I give you Mrs. Fulton goes to Washington.
OK, so maybe I didn’t go to Washington, but this was much better as I don’t like vacations that include anything historical, educational. or botanical. Diel girl policy, I live by The Code.
It all started when I got home Friday night from the football game. We had won, but frankly it still wasn't that great. While slaving away in the kitchen in preparation to feed the coaches (ok, you all probably know me better than that, but I did make the lasagna myself. Thanks mom and Sarah for the salad and dessert), I noticed a message on the machine.
It was my dear friend from work, Karen Reeves. Call her ASAP, it was very important. I'll admit, I was thinking maybe the hospital needed help or something along those lines. Luckily, she called me back at 10:30. She had scored tickets to see Barack Obama in Terre Haute Saturday morning and was offering to take me! She had stood in line for 2 hours Friday am to get tickets, only for them to run out before she got to the front. They put her name on a list and told her they would call her if they had any extra tickets, they were only letting in 1,000 people. They called her at 7:30 Friday night and she went back to Terre Haute again to pick them up.
I can’t tell the story without including how Karen found out about the tickets. Her uncle died (RIP, obviously). She was on a Terre Haute paper website looking for his obituary when something popped up about Obama's visit. She of course followed that and found out how to get tickets. I'm only including this because the ironic part is her uncle was a huge republican. I'm talking he attended Republican National Conventions. This tidbit can only leave me to believe that God is a Democrat. Karen will have to update us on how her family took the fact that she was almost late to the funeral because she went to see Obama!
Karen said she couldn’t think of anyone else who would appreciate this as much as me (obviously I am the only member of my family she is friends with as Sarah will tell you she would appreciate it much more than I would, but too bad for her!). Normally I wouldn't make a decision that would leave Jason home alone with the kids all day, especially with the game they just played, but this was an emergency! I was to meet Karen in Marshall @ 8:00. He was speaking @ 11:25 our time, but the seats were first come, first serve.
We got there bright and early and there was already a line.

We stood outside for quite a while. We got T-shirts that are super cute. We didn’t think to ask if any of the proceeds went to Obama, as I rather doubt the pregnant white girl with the really gross dread locks was an official part of the campaign???

When we finally got to go in, we had to go through a metal detector. No purses or bags allowed, cameras and phones ok, you could only bring in what you could hold in your hands. We apparently did not look like potential assassins and were allowed through.

Karen making it through security.

As we went in, a cool (obviously gay) Obama worker pulled me out of the line and offered me bleacher seats, assuring me they were the best seats. I don’t know, but I'm going to pretend it’s like Oprah and they was the perfect crowd mix because later they sent another cute girl up to sit by me. Our seats were great. 5 rows back form Obama. Awesome view.

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