Monday, September 8, 2008

We had another 1 1/2 hour wait but it went super quick. The "Wabash Valley Idol" sang the National Anthem (No, Simon would not have approved). Some lady running for IN governor spoke. (Didn’t like her that much. I always liked the commercials of the governor they have now).

Lots of secret service around the whole time. They constantly scanned the crowd. They didn't talk back if you talked to them (I tried).
The closer it got to time, the more secret service was around

Finally, It was time for the main event. The crowd went crazy as Senator Obama came in with Evan Bayh.

Bayh spoke first, the Obama. He was awesome. Funny and serious at the same time. I don’t feel like words can do it justice, but Karen and I knew we were watching history being made. Please just believe me that he was just as good as you would think.
It was funny cause we (Karen and I) both came from different perspectives. Karen was in high school when Bobby Kennedy was running. She knew then how big it was. She cried in her room for days and days when he was assassinated. She says this is the first time she has felt anything close to that. For me, Bill Clinton was the first President I voted for. Loved him, even with his sometimes embarrassing ways. But for the past 8 years, I have only known what the republicans have given us. Seriously, we all know they have sucked it up big time. As the mother of 2 children, I know we can do better for them.

Gabe's entire lifetime has been under President Bush! That is so hard to believe! Now, I also have the perspective of being the mother of a biracial child. I love the thought of being able to show him President Obama! (Gratuitous kid pic). I'm not sure who is going to volunteer their children to help John McCain out with his "hundred more years in Iraq". I can guarantee you he can’t have either of mine.

Me "with" Senator Obama.

The Senator spoke for probably 25 minutes and then took questions from the audience. No, they were not "planted" as some of them were total idiots. It really was just great.

When it was done, I decide I was going to make my move.
I went down to the railing and weaseled my way up. He finally came our way.
There he was. In real life. Right in front of me. It was just too good to be true.
I got to shake his hand and then.... wait for it..... wait for it.......... HE HUGGED ME!!!! Yes, he smelled good.

He talked to Karen. We practically floated out of the 4 H hog barn (I know, glamorous location). We came home and our Cinderella moment was over.
It was so awesome. I was already voting for him, but if I can’t imagine anyone who heard him wouldn’t. He's the real deal.

Thanks Sarah for letting me share with your loyal readers!
Thanks Michelle, as jealous as I am that you got to hug and smell Sen. Obama, I sure am happy that it was you that got to go and you documented your experience for us!!!


hncfarley said...

That is AMAZING!! Good for you. Truly and experience of a lifetime.

Nancy said...

That is so awesome!! I am so jealous of Michelle.. but glad that one of us got to meet/smell

I just know he is gonna win!
He has to!!!

Congrats again Michelle and thanks for sharing your experience with us!!

Kelley L. said...

Michelle you are a rock star!!! Nice job getting up to the front, that's a skill everyone should have. Next time I see you I'm touching your hand so I can say I touched the hand that touched the soon-to-be President of the United States.

Jamee said...

Wow, speechless.

Sara B. said...

That is just way too cool!! A chance of a lifetime.