Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bamp speaks

My Dad (Bamp) left this as a comment, but I wanted to make sure everyone read it. Whether you politically lean left or right, my Dad is a pretty smart guy and listening (reading) what he has to say (agree with him or not) will at the least make you think.


Since my daughter is writing about her family, buying a house, sending my grandson to school, etc. I am placing this here instead of one of the political item comments. What most of us do not realize during presidential elections is not whether we are d's or r's but the great importance of what candidate makes the best president for all of America. Most of Sarah's readers are (I think) younger couples raising families, buying houses and cars and trying to keep the bills paid. So my pitch here is to urge every one of you (I can tell by the comments which are r's and which are d's) no matter what you think your political leanings are to MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THESE CANDIDATES STAND FOR. To that end, here is something that will help on one issue. I would ask you to got to Yes, I know you immediately think that old Democrat Bamp is trying to pull one here but I am not. This site is done by an independant group not affiliated in any way with any party or candidate. You can, on this site, get an estimate of what Obama intends to do with your income tax if he is elected. May not affect you but I bet it will. Any money we get to keep in our pockets helps with that mortgage, car payment, insurance bill, grocery bill, GAS bill, etc. etc. So, no advertisement for my candidate here, just information that will help each of us make the proper choice.


Sarah D said...

I tried it. We would save $468!!!

Nancy said...

Well to everyone that reads this.. Bamp(Ray)is one person in this crazy world that I can honestly say I admire,respect and trust him and his word.

Thanks Ray!! Good to know there are still good honest people out there!!

Kathryn said...

Amen to that Nancy! Here's something I've noticed not just this year but in the past as well - does it not seem as though our area has a fair number of "closet" democrats? I don't know if it's because So. IL is predominantly Rebuplican/conservative or what, but people I've talked that are leaning towards Obama seem to be afraid to show their support with signs, etc. Is it because they are afraid of being judged as a liberal in a small town? Perhaps this link that Ray provided will at least get some people to actually look at the proposals from both candidates instead of voting on pre-conceived Republican/Democratic opinions. Forward the link, people!!

Sarah D said...


I honestly think it has a lot to do with the abortion issue. As the EDN news has shown recently, abortions with butter knives seem to be being performed left and right.

Kathryn said...

I think so too. While I'm all for freedom of speech, I think the butter knife ad needs to go. And if anyone wants to argue that people need to see what really goes on, then I guess the anti-death penalty folks should start putting ads in depicting the electric chair or lethal injection. Preferrable in cartoon format with lightening bolts and everything.