Thursday, September 25, 2008

The birds and the bees

This afternoon Jack and I were having a nice chat about Baby Chuck Chuck, what it would be like when he came, how we would give him a bath etc.
This turned to Jack asking questions about the baby hospital. He really wants to go with me and spend the night. Even though I have told him over and over that Mam and Bamp will bring him to see me and Baby Chuck Chuck after he is born.
--by the way I am having a scheduled c-section, I had to have an emergency one with Jack (I almost died, ask my Mom) so this time my DR thinks it is best to just go ahead and plan for one
Then Jack asked me to open my mouth, I did, he then said "how will Chuck Chuck get out? Your mouth is not big enough." I told him that Dr. Houseworth would have to get him out of my belly. Of course Jack asked how. I then said well, they will probably just open up my belly and take him out. Jack's eyes got really big. I told him it would not hurt. I guess that was ok because he then told me that Chuck Chuck could not sit by him in the car.


Michelle F said...

I think you meant to use " " on "I almost died" didn't you??

aczumbahlen said...

Yeah, Yeah....and you nearly hemorrhaged and bled out when Michelle started your IV!!