Monday, September 22, 2008

Gaming revolution

Yesterday Cliff, Jack, and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. While there I bought him this super cool Wooly Willy. You remember them, you move the magnet dust (or dirt as Jack called it) around with the stick thing and try to give Willy a cool hair-do. Cliff thought it was kind of stupid and that Jack would not like it. HA HA Cliff, Jack did like it and enjoyed playing with it for the remainder of the day!
UNTIL.........last night we went to Keely's b-day party. We cut Dawson a pretty sweet deal for this Nintendo Game Boy thing. It came with a SpongeBob game and Jack thinks he is the coolest kid ever. He has been asking for a DS (I don't know what that is) for quite a while because Gabe has one.

Me in all of my parenting wisdom had INSISTED that my child would not ever have video games. I have softened to that recently and thought perhaps at 7 or so he could get one. Then Jon and Kate's kids got some sort of a video game system on the camping episode and I thought Jack could get that for Christmas.

Never say never, rules are meant to be broken.

This is what Jack was doing before school this morning.

I am not sure he really knows how to play it.
SpongeBob can only get so far before he has to jump up a hill that neither Jack or I can get him up.
At least now I have something that he really likes that I can take away as a punishment if he is misbehaved.


Nancy said...

Everyone loves the wooly willy:)

hncfarley said...

A DS would be good for Jack to keep him occupied while you are marathon nursing! Just a thought.
Well worth the $150