Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless America

School has been a little rougher for us this week. Yesterday Jack cried and did not want to go at all. I had to stand in the hall outside his classroom door while he would look out every minute or so to check that I was still there. Finally he became preoccupied by the class activities enough that I could leave and his day could continue. Last night as I was laying in bed with him and he was going to sleep he cried and said he did not want to go to school. As much as I hated to force him to go, I knew that was the right thing to do and told him that he had to go to school.

This morning I was sick. So sick that I puked on the kitchen floor. When Jack woke up he seemed pretty eager to go to school. When he mentioned the possibility of staying home, I was tempted. I felt like crap and really just wanted to stay in bed, but I knew that Jack really needed to go to school. So, we get out of bed and stand in front of the bathtub running his bath when I feel something warm on my leg. It's Jack peeing on me. Now I really just want to crawl back into bed. Then I remembered that today is 9-11 and that moving on through the face of tragedy-be it puke on the floor or pee on your leg-is what makes America great. If we stayed home, the terrorist would have won. I cleaned up the puke, washed the pee off of my leg and took my boy to school (he did not cry) and remembered why I was proud to be an American.
Puke on the floor
pee on the leg and all


Jace said...

Finally a tribute to 9/11 that makes sense! Thanks Sarah!

Tracie said...

Cracking me up already today.


Ashley and Evan said...

Great post Sarah!

jodi said...

Great Blog Post! As the Statue of Liberty should now state....give me your tired, your poor, your puke and peed on....LOL

Dawn said...

Yes! God Bless America!