Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Saturday night is our monthly GNO!
What started as a one time thing has now become a monthly outing.
Diel and Leffler girls.
Throw in a Farley, Baltzell, and a Lindemann and you've got a party.
Snarky, gossipy, and bitchy.
Qualities needed to make our GNO cut.
Ladies, I can't wait!!
I wish we could do it more often but,
the Hilton needs at least a month to recover from our get togethers!!


Rebekah said...

actually, they need that month to win back all the offended patrons who have never heard quite so many explicit terms in all their adult lives.

Sarah D said...

Actually I would have said they needed a month to get the pee out of the chair I set in from laughter induced urinating, but you are probably right as well.

Rebekah said...

i thought of that also, they should really just get servpro committed to a once-monthly contract.

amberlindemann said...


I can't wait! Are we doing one in October? Rebekah, do we need to do any more planning for the November one?

and the December one, we should have a gift exchange with some $5 cheesy gift!

aczumbahlen said...

I do believe that Saturday before our drunken departure, we need to decide who will be picking the date and making the reservations for October. I have decided that I will not be wearing a dress because of the possibility of a public indecency charge. It is either a dress or the wine and I choose the wine. Can't wait!!! I am also anticipating Holly's menu choice. Will she give the Cajun Ribeye another chance or has she cut it out of her life forever? Puking up your socks for most of the night could be a deal-breaker. I guess we'll just wait and see.

Jamee said...

I can't wait for adult gossip and revised blog posts. Please tell me Rebekah is coming prepared.