Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin-superwoman or bad mommy???

McCain has chosen his running mate,
Sarah Palin Gov. of Alaska.
I have watched this story unfold with great interest. I assume McCain was not stupid enough to think that the HRC supporters would immediately swing to his side just because he had chosen a woman as his running mate. As a woman, to see another woman given the honor of being chosen for this position makes me happy. If she was only chosen because she was a woman, well then that makes me mad.
As a mother, Sarah Palin does a lot that offends me. Her son Trigg (which is a cool name) was born in April of this year. Trigg has Downs Syndrome. Gov. Palin decided to take only THREE days off after giving birth one month early. She was back to work THREE days after he was born. Read the story here. I suppose some may think that that is amazing, only three days. Any mother I know would tell you that number one, even if they are feeling wonderful three days after giving birth there is no way in hell you could get them to leave their baby and go back to work that soon after giving birth. That bonding time with your child is SO important.
And then there is poor Bristol (another cool name). Palin's 17 year old unwed pregnant daughter. (not even going to go into Palin's support of teaching abstinence education vs sex ed.) Surely she knew that her daughter was pregnant when she accepted the position as McCain's running mate. Did she not realize what kind of media scrutiny her daughter would be placed under? At what has to be an already hard time in her daughter's life, now her pregnancy at the age of 17 is being discussed on every news program and all over the Internet. What kind of a mother purposely puts her daughter in that kind of harms way???
Is there a double standard? Sure there is. Biden is a hero for keeping his position as a Senator after his wife died in an accident and he became a single father. Is it fair? Not at all.
Can women have it all? Time will tell. At the end of the day, is having it all more important than the safety and well being of your children?
Let me know what you think. I am sure many of you have a much different take on this situation and I would love to hear your opinions.


Rebekah said...

I think Sarah Palin's husband is a big dumb HOTTIE. i bet he never gets NEAR a microphone for the next few months. I feel bad for Bristol. so, she got knocked up.. it has happened to MANY MANY MANY 17 yr old girls. this is the time when mom should have said. It was an honor to meet you for the first time, Senator McCain, and thanks for asking me to be your token but my little girl is knocked up and I just can't do that to her right now.. maybe in 4 years after i have gotten her married off.. Altered the Marriage Certificate to show that she was married PRIOR to giving birth, etc... you know, busy busy!

Anonymous said...
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Christina said...

First, I commend Obama for scrutinizing the press for their rude coverage of Bristol. It was big of him to say that family - but most importantly children, are off limits.

Second, just because Sarah Palin is a successful businesswoman/politician, does not mean that she is a bad mother. We, as outsiders, will never know what situation arose just days after her baby's birth, causing her to return to work so quickly. She is an elected politician, a Governor. She has a commitment to the people of Alaska - and I am proud that she managed her time wisely to keep work moving smoothly.

As far as Bristol's situation... well, she's 17. She's almost legally an adult. Why should her mother give up the opportunity to be our Vice President and make a difference in our nation because of her 17 year old daughter? I don't think this baby is Sarah Palin's responsibility. She has said that she is excited to become a grandmother and she seems supportive towards her daughter. And if any of you were pregnant as a teenager or even when you were single - you know that this support above all is what matters. I like that the Palin's are not hiding the pregnancy. They didn't ship Bristol back to Alaska or to some girls school in Europe to hide.
John McCain has explained that he knew of Bristol's pregnancy before asking Sarah Palin to be his running mate. And, I feel pretty confident that Sarah Palin spoke with her family, including Bristol prior to accepting. I doubt that Sarah Palin is intentionally trying to sabatoge (sp?) her daughter's life by being in the public life. It was a choice - The Palin's choice... why are people judging them?

Let's face it: The press can be evil. We all know it... we all see it - whether it's about Britney Spears, Brad & Angelina, the war, or this election. Everyone's looking for a good story. What if there isn't really that "good" of a story... then what... well, they dig and dig and dig until they find a way to twist words and manipulate situations to make someone look bad. It's really not fair. Sarah Palin has been a great Governor of Alaska - many Democrats from Alaska will even tell you that. :-)

In a time when we have soldiers dying in the sandbox, nuclear weapons concerns, a struggling economy, and global warming - why in the world are we nit-picking a perfectly good candidate for Vice President???

joanna m said...

NICE JOB Christina, my thoughts excatly! I don't have anything to add to that only, amen girl, you go!

hncfarley said...

Amen Christina!
I for one am very impressed with Sarah Palin for the things she has accomplished as a governor, and not scrutinizing the bad choices of her "almost of age daughter." Not many 17 year olds aren't having sex!
And speaking from experience, it is very hard to have a baby and take months off from a postition that ONLY YOU DO. THere are no spare governors waiting around to fill in for maternity leaves. And who knows little Trigg may have been in the next room with a nanny and she was still nursing him. Celebrities do it everyday.
I read that she asked for specific details on her position as VP because she wanted to be very busy making progress and not just sitting around looking pretty. She was used to running and administration and would not settle for less.
So there are my thoughts. Even if she was picked because she is a woman, she happens to be a very intelligent and motivated one!

Nancy said...

As most of you know, I know several people that live in AK.
They are all saying how good Palin is and that she can handle anything that comes her way.

Well, I kinda gotta agree with Sarah. Her youngest baby has downs syndrome or somthing.. Don't ya think this baby need her mommy more than we do??

And her preg. daughter... well, she probably needs her mommy and some privacy also.
I would like to know how she can care for all her children and try to help run the country.
Aren't the kids gonna get the short end of the stick??
Sure they may have $$ and all, but what about quality time?

I just think right now is a bad time for her to run for VP.
But of course, I don't know the whole story, so I can't really say.

Palin is a smart woman, but I think McCain picked her to try to make him look good..
Sorry McCain.. Your gonna have to do better than that to win my vote.

Michelle F said...

FYI, they (the Palin fam) did try to hide her daughter's pregnancy. They pulled her out of school with a "severe case of mono". The story only came out when Sarah Palin had to sqash the rumors about faking her pregnancy to cover her daughter's.
PS, how Desperate Housewives would that have been? Frankly, if that were true it would have made me like her much more. Now, she's just the regular,run of the mill, Tina Fey or Lynn Spears looking conservative hipocrite preaching one thing and living another. BORING!

Kocher Family said...

I have listened to Obama and to McCain and have not made my choice on who to vote for. But I do agree with Christina, 100%. I'm tired of the way we as America judge people. I think she was put in a postion to help people and couldn't turn it down. In the future, helping America will only help her children.

Major Mom said...

Christina's comments are right on target! You go, girl!

I will only add one thing: tonight at the RNC she introduced her oldest son, named Track (I think that's what I heard). He's 19. Next week he leaves for Iraq.

I have visions of the Prince Harry in Afghanistan issue coming about. I hope the media are kind to him.

Nonetheless, she's still a mother of five -- no matter how you cut it, and to have her oldest in the Middle East, her 2nd oldest becoming a teen Mom and her youngest baby a special needs child, I wish her the best of luck in juggling all of those emotional issues while campaigning/serving as VP.

Sarah D said...

I want to respond to some of the comments,

"Second, just because Sarah Palin is a successful businesswoman/politician, does not mean that she is a bad mother. We, as outsiders, will never know what situation arose just days after her baby's birth, causing her to return to work so quickly. She is an elected politician, a Governor. She has a commitment to the people of Alaska - and I am proud that she managed her time wisely to keep work moving smoothly."

Being a successful businesswoman/politician does not make you a bad mother. Questionable mothering practices do. Gov. Palin had a mtg to attend, what mtg can be more important than your own child? Are you saying tht the people of Alaska and her position as Gov should come before her children?

Bristol is still her parent's responsiblitly, at 17 they will be footing the bill for this one. And yes, attempts were made to hide the pregnancy. Does this make her less qualified to be the VP? NOPE, does it make her daughter's situation that much harder, I am going say it sure does, but again, at least she is putting her country first--YEA MOM!!

And lastly I must respond to this

"In a time when we have soldiers dying in the sandbox, nuclear weapons concerns, a struggling economy, and global warming - why in the world are we nit-picking a perfectly good candidate for Vice President???"

Should not the person that is a heartbeat away from being the next President (and let's get real here, McCain is OLD) go through some nit-picking?

I agree 100% with your statements that soldiers are dying, the globe is warming, and the economy sucks. Sounds to me like you are ready to get on board the OBAMA train! Where should I ship your bumper sticker :)

It's great to see the comments defending Palin, I am always pleased when someone rallies around a cause. Although, I can only imagine the gossip that would go on if someone you know or worked with came back to work 3 days after giving birth to a special needs child. I am sure it would not be pretty.

Dora Jo said...

Here is my take, I don't agree with Sarah P's choices as a mother, I feel I am qualified to say that because I am a mother. Why are the Dems getting the heat here for being sexist? Do you know how many people will not vote Obama because he is half black????

Kathryn said...

I felt sorry for the poor kid that knocked up Bristol - can you imagine being 17, more than likely not wanting to get married, and then being paraded in front of a few million TV viewers?

Also, while I appreciate sarcasm and one liners, Sarah Palin completely turned me off with all of that Rush Limbaugh, tough guy B.S. talk. How about a little discussion on what your plan or beliefs are, instead of talking like a conservative radio host?

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I like her. I think McCain stands a chance because of her. And I'm hoping her hubby becomes a fabulous stay-at-home daddy, because their kids are goona need it!

momofsixboys said...

"The governor said she won't take a maternity leave but will bring Trig with her to work."
She did not "leave Trig" to return to work, but brought him with her. I have 6 boys--and have been taken by surprise by an early delivery--and also took my baby to work with me. I wore him in a sling and now he is a perfectly well-adjusted 11 year old. If Sarah is a bad mother, she is not alone. Also, I don't feel terribly sympathetic to the plea for Bristol. She made the choice to be sexually active at 17. And for those who promote such activity among teens, then it is good to know that you are either promoting teen pregnancy (the natural outcome of intercourse) or abortion (the reality of which is the end of contraceptive failure). I think it is good for the teens of our country to know that sexual activity leads to pregnancy. That is its natural end. Contraceptive Failure is almost a given--especially with teens. That is why Contraceptives Use has lead to an increase in abortion rates. The message--if you are making adult choices, then you have to accept adult consequences. I have yet to read a criticism of Palin that is truly justified.