Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have recently discovered the world of free samples. There are tons of websites dedicated to sending you a little sample of different products. This week I have received two samples of Kotex and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. For some reason I have never used a magic eraser before. Boy, have I been missing out! I knew the one I got in the mail was not going to last so I got out the 50 cent off coupon that came with it and headed to the DG to buy more!! I have been a cleaning fool!!!
I know I have shared a couple of free sample offers in the past. What do you think? Do you want more free samples??? Let me know and I will be happy to share the free sample love with Sarah Sez readers.


hncfarley said...

I loved the sample site. Keep sharing. I hope to have some samples soon.
I have been wondering about that magic eraser, what have you been using it on??

Sarah D said...

It took off stains (from iced tea) that I thought would NEVER come off of the bottom of my sink. Comet, nothing would get it clean. Also, the handles of my white frig now sparkle. It does not smell like cleaning products, I don't know what makes it work.

Nancy said...

I love free samples.. and I LOVE Magic Erasers.. I can't live w/o them. I;ve been using them for a long time. Still don't know what is in it to make it work.. It's Magic!!

They will clean stuff off everything! It will also clean oil spots off your car.
I even cleaned the tv screen with a cleaner and then used a magic eraser.. wow.. the cleaner didn't do that good of a job.
And yes.. they work great on tea stained pitchers!

Just get the plain ones or they have them now that smell like Febreeze. But the duo ones didn't impress me.

Nancy said...

It also does a great job on tennis shoes,crocs.. you name it!!

Anonymous said...


I also use the magic eraser for cleaning the especially if it hasn't been cleaned in awhile. Works wonders. And I don't come out smelling like bleach!

Pretty much any hard surface that you have a stain on...try it. It may surprise you!

jodi said...

Way too funny, because I think I have a compulsive addiction to free sample sites and coupons. It's just a game now to see how well I can do at the stores. I think the best deals are through CVS with the extra bucks AND coupons. Keep the goodies coming..or if you want more let me know!

Ashley and Evan said...

Who doesn't love something free? I say keep sharing!

Ashley and Evan said...

Okay, I really need to get some of these magic erasers. Who knew they were so good?

aczumbahlen said...

I too, love the magic eraser. Jeff thinks they are little white miracles and doesn't think $20 would be out of line to have one of your very own. Luckily they are actually very cheap!