Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween costume hell

Jack has worn some pretty cool Halloween costumes. Last year he was a UPS Driver. For his first Halloween he was ELVIS. I feel like I had set a pretty high standard on him having a cool costume. I learned a couple of years ago if you want something unique you have to shop early, or the Tom Arma frog costume that you just have to have will be back ordered (fyi-you need to call in August to get the good Tom Arma costumes, how crazy is that?). Last year (I think with my friend Kelley's help) right after Halloween I came across this Jockey costume. I thought my search was already over for Halloween of '08.

Then Jack developed a mind of his own where Halloween costumes are concerned and is now INSISTING that he will be a ghost. I know, I know how easy is that??? Just get a sheet and cut some eyes in it. I can't sew at all, even cut uniform circles in a sheet. I am pretty sure you can't wear a ghost costume to school (if they allow costumes at St. Thomas at all) so we still need something else to wear to school and I am still holding out hope that Jack will give up the idea of being a BORING ghost!

I suggested a skunk, Jack suggested a ghost. I looked at the skunk costumes anyway. To bad I don't have a dog.

So, at this point I am on the hunt for a non-scary ghost type costume. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
Maybe Chuck Chuck will have to be my little jockey next year!


Nancy said...

I love the jockey outfit..very cute. The skunk is too.

Good Luck, and I'll keep my eyes for a cool ghost.

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

I sooooo totally feel your pain! Costumes suck this year! I think Calvin and I have decided on his... it's a surprise. But, he really wants to be a ghost... and I sooo don't want him to be! To entertain him for awhile, I got out an old crib sheet and cut eyes in it and now he can be a ghost at home. :-)

Good-luck with the Halloween Costume Hunt!

hncfarley said...
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Major Mom said...


Sounds like you and I are on the same sheet of music w/ the cool Halloween costumes. I try to do something out-of-the-ordinary for my boys...but like your son, my oldest now has an opinion of his own and proclaimed very early on that he wants to be a Jedi knight...not just any Jedi -- MACE WINDU! (Samuel L. Jackson plays him in Episodes I, II, and III).

I had enough stray costume pieces around from previous years to do the tunic and pants and boots, I made a brown Jedi cape a couple weeks ago, and they recently started selling toy Lightsabers in Purple, Mace's color. So Jake is done this year -- and he'd better not change his mind!

I offered to shave his head, since Mace is bald, but that freaked Jake out a little. :-)

Timmy wants to be R2-D2...this will be tough because they only sell baby R2 costumes. I'm looking at getting a cheap white bullet trash can and going from there.

As for your son being a creative ghost, might I suggest he maybe be Casper? The "friendly" Ghost, right? I wonder if you could find something vintage on eBay?

Good luck to you!

Luke's Folks said...

Oh my. I am laughing out loud at the jockey comment from the Farley's. Good to think about Newton humor so far from home.

Sarah, I saw Tom Arma skunk costume available for Lg 4T/5T on That is the biggest size, probably too small. Just FYI. :-)

aczumbahlen said...

It is probably very possible that the jockey is a Sarah Sez fan. You really are a bad, bad, man CFARLEY!!

Betsy R said...

I love Halloween Costumes. We are currently in the princess/mermaid phase. Last year it was Cinderella and this year we have been told pirate and mermaid. Not sure how I going to pull off that combo!

Justin said...

Jack is looking really very cute in this cool Halloween costume.