Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some updates....

Jack is enjoying school. Yesterday (day 2) around 9:30ish I got a call from the school saying he had fallen off of the monkey bars and said he hurt his back. He was crying and would not stop and they thought I should come and get him. I did, and he cried so hard and so much that as soon as we got home he threw up. I was scared that that would make him not want to go back, but he just said he would now just stick with the "fireman pole". I dropped him off today and the teacher had to tell him to tell me bye!


Had a DR. appt yesterday. All looks good. Have a sonogram in a couple of weeks so hopefully we will be able to confirm that it is a Chuck Chuck and not a Mary Mary.
Have to go back every two weeks now and the DR told me to gain 2lbs by my next appt. I will work hard on doing that.

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