Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Reason number 179 that we need to move:
Tonight there was a huge slug on the rug in front of our bathtub!!
After yelling for Cliff (who flushed it immediately and now I am sure it will come back and suction itself to my butt while I am going to the bathroom) I asked where it came from. Lucky for us it left a trail of slug snot behind it that let us know somehow it had crawled up from beside a pipe under the sink.
Moving day can't come quick enough!!


Nancy said...

Slugs are SOOO NASTY!!!
I wouldn't even touch one of those things!! EWWW!!
I see one once in a while on our concrete steps.
I dump salt on them to kill them.

aczumbahlen said...

Out of curiosity, if you had to choose, slugs or frogs/toads? Just wondering.