Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack's first day

Clothes and backpack laid out ready to go

Daddy left Jack a note

He needed to play his new kazoo in bed for a while
before he was ready to get up.

Ready to go.

Showing off his cool backpack.

And we are off.

Ok, we did not walk to school, Jack thought it was a great idea,

I thought it was a little warm.

Jack and Eliza Joan Bierman.
Eliza came running up to us in the parking lot and hugged me.
God bless that girl, she is so sweet.
That's when the tears started for me.

Jack and his buddy Frank getting ready to head to their classroom.

Mrs. Bergbower showing Jack where to put his backpack.

Jack is telling Mrs. Bergbower that sometimes people spell his name wrong.
After that I left. He did not even notice me leaving the classroom.
It probably was for the best, I was crying pretty hard.
Pick up time.
The kids come marching out to their awaiting parents.

There is my little boy in the yellow Crocs.

Jack and Mabry lined up waiting to be told they can go with
their Mom's or Dad's.

This is the note Jack's teacher left in his folder.

He also got this certificate!
So, we survived day one. Jack thinks that school is all right and wants to go back again tomorrow. He told me they had cupcakes today (explains the blue icing on his shirt) and sang a song about going on a bear hunt. He said they did not learn anything, but he did go down the fire pole on the playground.


amberlindemann said...

love the note from cliff

love the backpack

love the bierman girls

glad he had a good first day....


clkocher said...

Ahhhhh..Daddy left him a note...so sweet. Jack is looking super cute in his first day outfit. By the way, we LOVE crocs at our house. I'm sure Jack must have had the coolest back pack. The dino is awesome!!!

BB said...

Gotta love those yellow crocs. Who is Mrs. Bergbower? Which school is Jack going to? Love the name Mabry. I see alot of cute kids names in Newton and now with Sarah Palin's cute kids names, maybe you can come up with a good one for Chuck Chuck??

Sarah D said...

I am not sure who Mrs. Bergbower is married to. Her first name is Lisa.

Jack is going to St. Thomas-just for preschool, then he will go to a JCCU#1 school. I really would not mind him going to St. Thomas at all, it is small and everyone is SO nice.

Mabry is Mabry Mitchell. Matt and Sandra's daughter. I want her and Jack to get married someday!!

BB said...

Is Matt Mitchell Mark's brother? If so, who did Matt marry?

Lisa Bergbower, sounds familiar, but with me out of the loop now, it's hard for me to keep up with all the new married additions!

I thought that was St. Thomas school. Kiley told me they are building a new church. What about the school too?