Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AND he is off...

Just in case you were wondering, Jack made it to school just fine. No tears from him---me on the other hand well, I should have brought some kleenex, the brown school paper towels are a little scratchy.

Jack did not even seem to notice when I left the classroom. He was already way to busy checking things out.

I had secretly hoped that maybe he would scream and hold onto my leg. That would have been really bad, but it would have made me feel a little bit better.

~~~of course I took pictures to document the entire morning, I hope to post them this afternoon along with the pick-up pics


jodi said...

Trust me on this one - you didn't want him to grab your leg and cry!

Ashley and Evan said...

Yeah...how exciting!

Did you lose any sleep over this last night?

Sarah D said...

Jodi, I know that you are SOO right.

Ashley, I did lose sleep last night. It was hard for me to go to bed thinking what today would bring. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Ashley and Evan said...

Just like Jack's certificate for the first day of school, I think you should get one too for making it through your first day!