Thursday, July 3, 2008

Newton Pool here we come!

Next Monday Jack will start the first of two sessions of swim lessons that he is signed up for at the Newton Pool. We are pretty excited that the beautiful Ashley Hunsaker will once again be his teacher!
Jack devolped quite the crush on her last summer!


Nancy said...

We are ready for you!!

New blog...

My old one is lost

Nancy said...

One more thing.. I told you in the last message that I lost my blog(which really sucks)
But wanted to verify that it was okay with you if I take pics of Jack at lessons and post on my blog.
I am ready for more lessons to start.. I love watching the kids.
The last day I give them a treat, a coupon, and they also get their pic in the paper. SHHHH.. Don't tell Jack.. It's a surprise