Monday, July 7, 2008

God Bless America, puke and all

It started Wednesday night. My friend Mollie was home from Chicago so myself, Karla Koebele, and Holly went to the Bowling Alley to visit with Mollie (and each other). Jack had went to spend the evening at my Mom and Dad's house. He left our house with a runny nose (Jack is very rarely sick-not even a runny nose) and by the time I got there he had a fever of 99.9. Jack was crying when I got to their house in a very dramatic fashion repeating over and over "I have a fever." We left to come home with him still crying. By the time we got to the end of their driveway he had started throwing up. I think all of the snot coupled with the intense crying caused the vomit. We headed back into their house where he took a bath and I cleaned up the puke.

Moral of that story--This is what a Mother gets for trying to leave her child for 2 hours to enjoy some adult time with her friends.

Jack was sick the rest of the week. We did not get to attend the Bierman's July 4th party which was sad.

Finally on Saturday morning he woke up feeling better. That night Cliff and Uncle Pat let off some fireworks at the Deer Cabin. As I may have mentioned before, Jack REALLY does not like loud noises. He has a pair of ear muffs that I have learned to bring to any event that may be to loud for his sensitive ears. He HATES fireworks, but Cliff wanted him to see them so, we sat in the car, Jack wore his earmuffs and we watched the spectacular show they put on. Jack was not bothered by them that much and perhaps next year he may actually be ready to watch some fireworks outside without the earmuffs!

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Karla K said...

So sorry you had to go home to clean up puke - that is no fun! Glad to hear he's feeling better. Wed. night was fun, wish we could all do it more often!