Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jumping off the diving board=Chips and Sauce

Jack and Gabe at El Rancherito yesterday enjoying the
fruits of Jack's jumping off of the diving board labor!


cfarley said...

Hmmm, who was the reward for? Doesn't Jack's mom live for El Rancherito??? And is it really a treat if you go there every other day? Just thinking outloud.
I am wondering if the new baby is loving the mexican. Maybe his first food will be refried beans.

Sarah D said...

Jack really does like El Rancherito. He asks to go there a lot. Gabe loves it to.

Ok, I really LOVE it. Beans maybe, rice for sure!

amberlindemann said...

mmmmmmm chips and sauce

we are so looking forward to the opening of newton's very own chips and sauce......

I would totally jump off the high dive for chips and sauce and I am scared to death of heights

jodi said...

Hey Sarah -
We are so excited that Newton is getting a "Chips And Sauce" Puerto Vallarta - the Effingham one is so good!
I love reading about my old Newton buddies through your page - of course they are all your relatives..The Fulton's , The Diel's etc. Keep up the good stuff! Jodi