Monday, July 14, 2008

Here we go Eagles

It may only be mid-July, but the 2008 NCHS Football season is only 45 days away. I am all a tingle with excitement. Sadly, only 4 home games this year and we travel to Pana for game one and Breese Mater Dei for the final game (regular season). Pretty far, but getting there is always half the fun.

No matter what the distance, you would have to tie me down to miss a game.

I don't know about you,

Here it is, the official 2008 Newton Eagle Football Schedule

8/29/08 Pana High School Away 7:00
9/5/08 Olney High School Home 7:00
9/12/08 Effingham High Home 7:00
9/19/08 Charleston Away 7:00
9/26/08 Paris Away 7:00
10/3/08 Mt.Zion Home 7:00 Homecoming
10/10/08 Salem Home 7:00 Senior Night
10/17/08 Robinson Away 7:00
10/24/08 Breese Mater Dei Away 7:00


Kelley L. said...

Rock on!!!! (Though it's frightening that there is only 45 days left) I am ready, just need to dig out my still-packed, just in case game bag.

Sarah D said...

Mine is still packed as well. I may need to remove some of the snacks I left in it last year.

It will be interesting for all of this year since we will be bringing Dexter along to all of the games.

At least we do not have to go to Salem and set in their "bleachers of death".

Nancy said...

OK.. I know Newton will probably kick Pana in the butt(as usual)

BUT.. We Pana Panthers did have a good team back in the day.

Go Orange and Blue.. hahah
Panthers are this color also.

OK.. That's all I'll say..Don't want a bunch of people boooing me! hahah

cfarley said...

I must say this schedule disappoints me. Four games is not enough and we aren't as brave to bring Luke to those far places.
I wish our opener was with Olney like it always was. That is a fun rivalry and it was always at home or very close.

Sarah D said...

I feel your pain.
Hopefully this means that next year there will be at least 5 home games.
They do need to bring back the Olney opener. I like to go to any town with an El Rancherito. Soon, that will be us!
Perhaps we need to start an e-mail campaign to Coach MO!

I am a little worried about the last game. That is pretty far to go for a very pregnant gal (which I will be).

cfarley said...

Well, we will take what we can get. We have been practicing the school song lately and I think the boys know most of the words. So even if there are only four games, we are going to shine at every one of them.
And I would say that even Mt. Zion will be pretty rough for you. Those will be some long road trips. We will be listening on the screened in porch with a beer in hand. Ok so really the season is great no matter where the games are!

Kate P said...

I would be happy to show you and Kelley the 80's dance version of the school song, just in case you want to break it out at the first game. I'm sure Holly could help too : )

My kids are actually old enough to not cause a major scene, so we will have to meet up with you for a few games. I do love football, but I think I might love porkburgers even more. Mmmmm, steamed buns.

Sarah D said...


You have to save it for when Michelle or I when the lottery and pay you (at least) $100,000 a year to be the cheerleading sponser. Michelle says she will assist. She will be the bad cop.

We will expect you to take it back old school. Also a driver will be provided to take you from home-NCHS-games-etc.


Rebekah totally knows it as well. We need to have a get-together and you girls could break it out.

Kate P said...

Awesome . . .I tried to teach it to Stella and Gracie, but they pretty much just laughed at me. Next time I'll have to wear a bra for the presentation.

Sarah D said...

Jack would have appreciated it.

Maybe Stella and Gracie sense you are teaching them the wrong school's song.

Kate P said...

True, but I have yet to learn any Bulldog-related cheers. I'm just thankful I don't have to learn any sort of Flaming Heart dances.