Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I found out today that Jack will be a member of the 2008-2009 pre-school class at St. Thomas!!

I am so excited. I have been waiting to hear this news for months and I almost feel like he has been admitted to Harvard!

Tears have been shed and numerous consoling e-mails from Holly Farley sent when I got the letter in May saying that Jack did not get into pre-k or the St. Thomas pre-school. Jack is only three and has two years until he goes to kindergarten, and we still had the option of driving to Olney again to the fantastic Young Explorers pre-school, but with a new baby coming in December, I knew that would be hard. I felt bad for Jack and was worried that even though I personally was very aware that he probably operated at a genius level, I felt like he was going to be missing out on something. I had finally accepted it and come to realize that there was still next year for him to hopefully get into one of the pre-school programs. Not getting in was not a slap in our face, but it just meant Jack was doing just fine.

Then a few weeks ago a magical letter arrived saying that there was a chance that St. Thomas may have a morning class if there was enough interest. I called immediately to get him on the list. I found out today that they will be having that morning class and Jack's name is on the list!

I know it will be hard to send Jack to school. I still am struggling with the decision to send him. On one hand I know it will be VERY good for him to have a chance to interact with people other than his mother, on the other hand I think that you are only three once. Once he goes to school, I know he will seem that much more grown up. As of now, unless something huge happens to change my mind, my baby is going to school.

Now to find the perfect cool backpack!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jack! Don't worry, I don't think preschool will make him grow up too much. Christian still lived very much in his world of whimsy and make-believe. Actually after 2 years of preschool (at the same school with the same wonderful teacher) Christian still cried everytime I dropped him off, because he "just wanted to stay with mommy. (I have to admit, it made me just a tiny bit happy.)

Amanda M said...

Congratulations Jack!

Aubrey said...

Grady's not going - I couldn't do it.... Good Luck Jack...and Sarah!

Rebekah said...

Cooper isn't going either. he is gonna stay home for another year and party! way to go Jack! I bet you have the best back pack in your class!

Dawn said...

I bawled last year when it was time to send Daelyn to preschool. I mean huge blubbbery tears, face full of snot. Pretty picture, huh? Anyways, Daelyn loved it. She thrived. Was upset when summer happened. I'm sure Jack will be same way.

Ashley & Evan said...

Yeah...that's so exciting! Jack is going to have so much fun.