Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Looks like the rumors are true

For months and months rumors have swirled around Newton that an
El Rancherito would be coming into the old Pizza Hut building.
I bought into the hype and dared to dream that I would not have to drive the half an hour to the nearest El Rancho to get my needed weekly serving of chicken fajitas served with those fabulous chips and just right salsa on the side.
Finally after months with no results I had all but given up.
Today we got a sign. A sign that could only be sent from above (or Judy McClure).
Looks like we may actually be getting our Puerto Vallarta (sister restaurant to El Rancherito).
Dreams come true and prayers are answered.


Amanda M said...

Sweet. Now when I come to Newton I can eat at my favorite Mexican resturaunt. I wonder what color they will paint it?

cfarley said...

I wonder if the parking lot will see as much action as the old Pizza Hut did....now there is a question to ponder.

Aubrey said...

YUM!! Keep us updated on all the new rumors - I can't wait till they open!

Jamee said...

Oh, the good ol' Pizza Hut. I believe my husband and my friend Amanda M may have met up years ago in that parking lot. I believe they were then chased around town by a scorned ex-girlfriend. I, of course being the good girl I was kept working and covered for my friend so she could go road tripping with my now husband. Good times.

Jamee said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how "EXTREMELY" excited Hank is for the Mexicans to move in right down the hill from us. He would also like to suggest buying a $5 Taco Bell Kit at the IGA, you are less likely to get E-Coli.

Sarah D said...

Tell Hank I heard your new neighbor is going to be taking in Mexican borders.

Amanda M said...


You know whats funny?...I was thinking about that the other day and literally laughed out loud. I can remember lots of fun times at the Ole Pizza Hut!