Sunday, July 20, 2008

Halfway there and playing the name game

Today I am half way through my pregnancy! 20 weeks! Only 20 more to go. Honestly, so far this pregnancy has not been so much fun. I have yet to gain any weight :), but DR Houseworth says I need to put on a couple of pounds. I wish I would have had him put that in writing so I could frame it, because I honestly think that will be the only time I will ever be told that in my life.
I have yet to have the need to wear any maternity clothes which is a very good thing. I am hoping to make it through the summer (or until Jill gives me hers) without having to purchase any of the dreaded clothing with the odd elastic waist that holds up the pants. It sucks to buy clothes that one knows they will only wear for a couple of months. Luckily the empire waste is in style and it is fairly easy to buy clothes off the rack that will work for maternity tops as well.
Since the sonogram looked like it will be a boy, we are now on the hunt for the perfect name. Jack still wants us to go with Chuck Chuck and at this point that is what we call the baby when we talk about it/him. We will not be naming the baby Chuck Chuck, but I fear that we will continue to refer to him as that no matter what we name him after he is born. I am open to any suggestions. When we do get the name selection narrowed down, I think that we will just wait to surprise everyone until after the baby is born with our choice. I have names I like, and I try to think how they would sound being announced over the loudspeaker at Chivesky Field (I know, maybe he won't want to play football, but let's just assume he will). I have considered calling Tom Clark and asking him to repeat the name over for me in his best announcer voice. I wonder if Tom will still be doing it when my kids are that old. Maybe I should call Shane Howard.
On another note, Cliff's nephew Carl and his wife Christy are expecting! She is due the first of Feb '09-exactly 2 months after Chuck Chuck is due. I suppose at my very young age I will be becoming a Great-Aunt. That's scary.


Christina said...

1st, who is the lady in the pic???
The name game can be fun. When Aaron and I decided on Calvin it was after Calvin Coolidge - not a great president but Republican w/ a cute name! Also, I practiced yelling Calvin's name because I was sure that I would be yelling it a lot. I'd sit in my apartment and yell, "Calvin Leon Althoff!!!" He would kick. :-) Have fun picking out the perfect football star name. However, I am sure Jack will still call him Chuck Chuck!

Sarah D said...

That lady is not me (shocker).

There is no way you will be seeing my post a belly shot, but I will find random pics of other pregnant women to share.

I am doing the yelling thing as well. I have to include Jack in it to! Jack, Chuck Chuck come here right now. The more I say Chuck Chuck the less awful it sounds. Not good ;)

Bamp said...

Christina, in the name of fairness and political correctness, your next baby boy should be named after a Democrat president. Barack is a great name. Sarah, if you will name this boy Earl Ray II he will get a little something extra in his inheritance:)

cfarley said...

You need to get your money back on that spray tan!
You also have to practice the name like this, "Cole get your ass over here right now." Makes it more realistic.
Obviously we went with short one sylable easy to yell names and we did think about that too.
I still vote for Leo, but if we are going for the cool president names I vote for Lincoln and call him Link. Very cool name. Sorry Ray, Barack is a bad name for a white baby.

Sarah D said...

Barack is a bad name for a black baby!

It does defeat my theory that Tyrelle's and Laquisha's are destined to a life of drug dealing, prostitution and the NFL.

If a Barack can be elected President, who knows what a Jamall can do.

Kelli said...

well i think you should name him Sawyer, then you would have Jack and Sawyer like on LOST!

Kate P said...

Perhaps you should keep going with the Kennedy theme and name him Theodore. Then you can call him Theo (And now, at wide receiver . . . .THEO KINCADE!!!!), or Teddy as a youngster.

Nancy said...

How about something simple like Sam.
Theres' 3 seconds left in the game..Newton Eagles are down.. OOHHH.. It's a touchdown made by Sam Kincaid.. Newton Eagles win the game!!!

Hahah.. Sorry if that didn't make any sense as I know nothing about football.

Gimme an E for effort!

Dawn said...

I'm all for unique names. But I think Daelyn and Weldon IV speak for themselves. Best of luck on pickng a name.

And gained almost 60 pounds preggers. I was a beached whale. Go you for not gaining any yet. I looked 9 months along when I was about 5 months. Ask Christina, she'll tell you.

Aubrey said...

I agree with Kelli - Sawyer is good, as it is Grady's middle name. Also agree with Christina and The Farley's - you have to yell it and make sure it fits.

I would love to name a boy Ezra, but Chris says it's out. So, there free for the taking!

Betsy Riedle said...

Sarah, I was wondering if you could email me Amanda's email and her mailing address. I sit over here in Marshall praying for her and wishing I could do something for her. After reading her blog today my heart is breaking for her. I would like to send her something just to let her know that I am thinking of her. Thanks. Love your blog by the way. It helps me feel connecting with our hometown. And the purses too cute. I did not know that you were selling them. Hopefully I will need one of the diaper bags one day. Thanks again. Here is my email.

Anonymous said...

Now only since I'm 100% sure that I will not be having any more male children will I share this idea with you. This name comes from Jared's personal collection of favorite names. There are actually 2 names because they belong to a set of twins my husband delivered during his residency...Lemonjello & Orangejello. No mam, it is not an urban legend. My husband's name is on their birt certificates. Now of course don't be limited here..if you prefer Strawberry jello- then go with that:)

Sarah D said...


Courtney, as you can see by my picture you are on the right track as far as the types of names I am looking for!!


Sarah D said...

Not such a bad idea. Now you are making me hungry for the new season of Lost.

That is an even better idea. Teddy is not perhaps the most beloved of the Kennedy's (damn Chapaquidik and all), but I like it better than Robert.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too worried about the Great Aunt thing.

Bruce is the youngest of 9. His oldest sister has a son who is a year older than me. I'm his Aunt! He has 2 kids. That makes me their Great Aunt.

I actually now have 2 Great Nieces and 1 Great Nephew. Go Figure!

Kate P said...

You could also search under the '08 list of hurricane names.

What do you know . . .Teddy is on the list! That is an omen for sure. Or you could just go with Gustav.