Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tomorrow (FRIDAY) is the day--I get to have a sonogram! I am super excited because I REALLY want to know the sex of the baby!

I found out just a few weeks ago that my Dr does not normally do a sonogram until 28ish weeks. That meant waiting over two months for the sonogram. I could not wait that long! Michelle informed me that there was a very small possibility that Dr. Houseworth could be bribed. He liked baked goods, but was also a high school football fan. So to the t-shirt and hat stash I went (finally doing all that work for the Athletic Boosters is paying off!) and at today's appointment I presented him with an NCHS Football t-shirt and a Newton Eagles cap. He seemed to really enjoy them, enjoyed them enough to schedule me for a sonogram----TOMORROW!!

So, check the blog tomorrow (FRIDAY) night. Of course I will share what I find out!

Dr. Houseworth with his Newton Eagles gear
I REALLY enjoy Dr. Houseworth.
Never until him had I looked forward to a doctors appointment.
Dr. Houseworth reads my blog and has been anxiously awaiting his chance to make an appearance.
Here you go Doc--you are now famous!


Tracie said...


I am so super excited for you!!

Can't wait to come in from a relaxing day lounging in the sand and surf...just to read your news!!!

Tomorrow is gonna be a great day...I can feel it!!

Christina said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to find out! :-)

Michelle F said...

You are so lucky to be in the presence of the "KING". (That's how he's known at the hospital)

cfarley said...

I just hope that baby participates, I just can't wait one more minute!

Bamp said...

hey Doc, Debbie and I (Sarah's parents) are ready for a girl. Anything you can do about that?

cfarley said...

I agree Bamp, there simply are not enough Diel girls around to help the Farley boys get into trouble.

Ashley & Evan said...

Dr. Houseworth looks so cute with his bribery gift!

I really hope you are having a girl!

Aubrey said...

I sure hope Baby Kinkade doesn't keep its legs crossed!!