Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cliff-1 Horse-0

As I mentioned in my earlier post Cliff had a run in with a Horse, yes I said HORSE, on his way to work this morning.

He was on the highway around Hidalgo when he met up with the animal. It hit the front of his car and went over the top (that is where the huge dent on top came from). He climbed out through the broken windshield and the car then caught on fire. As you can see the fire continued and there is nothing left of his car. He is really sore, mainly from the seat belt that he was luckily wearing.

Sadly, Cliff had 1000's of dollars worth of tools in his car that he lost. His wallet was burned as well and now we have to mess with replacing his license, credit cards, etc.

Another horse on the loose was hit by a semi and also met his maker.

Chris Parr, a volunteer fireman called me this morning. He was on the scene after Cliff left via ambulance for the hospital. He said Cliff probably did not realize how lucky he was. At that point I had not seen his car so there was no way for me to know just how true Parr's words were.


Christina said...

Cliff is soooo lucky that he got out of the car relatively safely. How scary is this?!?

Anonymous said...


Blair Bunch said...

I found your blog thru my friend Janelle. Ray saw the firetrucks pulling back in the garages on his way to work this morning. We are sure glad your husband is okay! We will be praying for a speedy recovery!

amberlindemann said...



that is amazing

I really wanted to send cliff something this morning, but I didn't really know what would convey my message of

"Hey, sorry your car burnt up because some dumb ass horse ran into the road"

seriously, let him know how happy we are that he's okay


DeAnn said...

I'd say someone was watching over Cliff today! That is just crazy!

Aubrey said...

OMG!! How crazy is that! I'm sure glad he got out of there before it caught on fire. Best of luck on a speedy recovery, Cliff!

Sara B. said...

Oh my gosh, Cliff is very lucky! Glad he is doing ok!

cfarley said...

I am still amazed. Seriously, we have horses in the county just roaming free? Anybody claim them?

Kate P said...

So there WERE two confirmed horse hits yesterday? I'm going to stay inside today.

Glad to hear Cliff is OK.

Nanny Fulton said...

Thank God Cliff is ok.
From the looks of the car it might have been worse.
Cliff must have had a guardian angel with him.
Tools and cars can be replaced.

Karla K said...

Wow - that is unbelievable! I'm so glad Cliff is ok!

Volkman's said...

I so glad Cliff is OK. What a rattling that must have been!!I'm guessing the Lord has big plans for you guys!!

Nancy said...

WOW!!! Unbelievable!!

Cliff was one lucky guy..
He definetly had an angel watching
over him.
Those actual pics are so much worse than the earlier post you had made.

Wishing Cliff a speedy recovery!!

I hope the horse ins. has to buy you a new car, and pay for any loss of work.

Samee JO said...

So my husband gets home last night, and is going on and on how this semi hit this horse and so on, they passed the wreck on their way to work. And I kept trying to correct him and fill him in on the correct story that is was a car driven by Cliff ( by the way he knows Cliff somehow), now it all makes since! I didnt know there were two of them!! But I am glad Cliff is ok! That is just crazy!

Betsy Riedle said...

Glad to here he is doing ok. Someone was definately watching over him. Sounds like things are getting dangerous in Jasper County.