Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hardees is getting a facelift

Have you been by Hardees lately (in Newton)? Only the drive-thru is open and the sign has changed from just HARDEES to Hardees Red Burrito. I am intrigued.

In case you don't know I live about a block away from Hardees. Close enough to smell the greasy goodness and close enough to hear people place their orders on the drive-thru speaker while setting outside at night.
New sign
Under construction
Cliff is fairly certain that the workers are not

Major remodel

And on to the Red Burrito issue. What is that? I googled it and the best I came up with is the Green Burrito menu for their sister restaurant Carl's Jr. click here to view it. Sounds pretty good.
If you have any other more accurate info, please fill us in. I hate being a rumor starter. I prefer to be a rumor spreader.


Kate P said...

There's a Hardees/Red Burrito in St. Louis - I think the menu is exactly the same as the Green Burrito/Carl's Jr.

Red Burrito and now El Rancherito - coincidence? I think not.

Sarah D said...

Hank Baltzell's fears are coming true.

Newton is really headed south of the border. Next, we will have 1000's of migrant workers camping on the courthouse lawn.

Bring on the chips and sauce!

cfarley said...

Ok, I will spread a rumor. It did come from Mayor Mark who we sat with at McDaniels' reception.
Hardees is getting ready to take on a Mexican menu. I don't think our name is going to change but they are repainting stores in those mexican-ish colors to coincide with the new menu. Per Mark. I don't think I made any of it up.
When we were going through the drive thru there was a mexican painting and Chad said the same thing," I better tell Hank not to come through Hardees, I bet these boys aren't union!"

Amanda M said...

The Red Burrito is pretty good. They offer a lot of tacos/burritos ect. To be honest it is really good food to end a long night at the WSL if you know what i mean!

Sarah D said...

Mexican food, Mexicans, and SCABS!

Jamer better bring Hank home some sedatives.

Ashley & Evan said...

Wow, Newton is turning into a mini-Dallas!

cfarley said...

I am so retarded. It clearly says "Red Burrito" on the sign.
I can't wait to try them.

Nancy said...

Sarah.. I love you!!!

YOur blogs are so funny, and everyones conversations/comments are so funny too!!!

Thanks for all the fun/smiles!!