Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mr.Obama goes to Europe

For Joe Ungrund
"Barack has been in Europe, as you know, and they have gone wild for him.
How's it being perceived in the USA?
Are people happy about it, think he is showing off, or glad that he is showing he can do foreign politics."
the masses showed up
they still believe in America
that dream lives on in human hearts
its about time for a super hero to show up and save the world
here he is now
it is up to us support the light
focus all over Europe
lets hear it for the rainbow tour
for real powerful stuff
the kind of huge truth the media cannot shape
like katrina we saw it - we felt it
change is needed
he has arrived
believe what u know

--I did not write the words above, I wish I had.
Thanks to our President, the rest of the world's opinion of us is now not so favorable. An unpopular and unjust war has done so much damage to what most people had perceived was an impenetrable reputation.
Go ahead. Worry about two men marrying each other. Worry about President Clinton having an affair with an intern. Worry about a woman's right to choose. Worry about Senator Obama's religion, his heritage, the color of his skin, worry that he may have not went to visit an army base in Germany that you think he should have. Whatever it takes. Keep pulling the wool over your eyes.
It sure is not 1950 anymore. The USA is no longer number one in many, many areas. It's getting worse and it needs to get better. Is Obama Superman? Batman? I don't know. I hope he is. He may not have super powers, but he sure has a power that not many of us had had for a very long time. He has the power to make us hope, hope for more and hope for better. And that my friends is a pretty powerful thing.


Rebekah said...

im giving the slow clap! for you and Joe Ungrund!

Jace said...

I actually just saw on tv that the margin between Obama and McCain is evening itstelf out since Obama has been on his trip.

Not quite the effect he wanted I dont suppose.

Sarah D said...

FOX NEWS can be quite entertaining.

Try another station and see what you get Jace!!

Rebekah said...

I was just watchin some CNN- breaking news development- John Mccain has developed a severe infection. Apparently, instead of having that growth on his face removed by a professional he thought he might save some cash to throw into his campaign toilet and had a rat just go ahead and knaw it off. I think he got the quarter from John Candy.

Christina said...

I thought Joe Ungrund was a Republican?!? I'm confused... the Joe Ungrund from Patterson???

Jace said...

I cant help it. Fox News is the only station that can be watched here at lunch. I dont vote anyway. Just thought I would post something to start a conversation.

Rebekah said...

C- yes, that is the Joe from Patterson. I think he is about as Republican as you are democrat. :-)

Sarah D said...


First we find out you have not seen Revenge of the Nerds, now you are not a voter?

You need to move to Newton ASAP. We will try to help you out!

anonymous said...


Sarah D said...

Who is the Anti-Christ?

Me? Obama? Heaven forbid you are not making a reference to the comedy legend Mr. John Candy!

And surely not the fab Mr. Ungrund who inspired this post.

Leave his freakin' name when he puts a stupid anonymous comment.

I know a friend with an action figure that I would love nothing more to do than shove up your ass.

Grow a pair, leave a comment with your name. Anonymous comments will no longer be posted for others to view.

What will continue to be posted is MY view of the world along with the rose colored glasses some of you may think that I sport where a Senator Obama (D-IL) is concerned.

Leave your comments, I welcome them. Leave your name along with the comment and I will be more than happy to publish it for you. It takes all kinds.

If I do find out who you are and find that you were talking about John Candy, well then Mister, you just opened up a giant can of something you don't wanna be messin with.

Bamp said...

If you are going to let idiot anonymous post such crap I am going to quit reading. Yes, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but dumbasses who don't even know who or what the antichrist is shouldn't get space.

Sarah D said...

I must add that Anonymous went to all of the trouble of creating a profile and could only come up with the name Anonymous.

I can only assume douchebag was taken. Still, there were lots more options. I now feel sad for him/her. No imagination. What a terrible way to live.

Nancy said...

Well said Sarah and Ray!!!
and.. can I ask?? Why do people watch and spread crap that the news has to say,if they don't vote??

I am a voter, I am Pro-Obama!!
Can he change the US?? I don't know, considering Bush has ruined our country so badly. It will take quite a while to get things under control. I know he will give it all hes got.

It is past time for change.. and Obama will do his best to do make these changes happen.

As far as FOX news.. Well, I can tell you by experience that they are only there for ratings/entertainment.
My son was in Iraq for 15 mos. AND.. I will believe what my son has to say and experience over the news. I was there when my son left for Iraq.. I seen the junk they were issued to protect themselves, I heard the BS lines the Colonel gave us to ease our minds.
Our military is treated like shit, and why?? because Bush does not care about them.

Military is brain-washed to be a republican.. and a high percentage of military want Bush out of office (years ago).
So this tells me that Bush can't even keep his military brainwashed, let alone do anything else.

OH.. one more thing.. My son met Bush..Did he shake anyones hands or greet them in anyway??

Ok.. I will shut up now..
Sorry Sarah.. didn't mean to take up all this space.

Jamee said...

Who admits that they don't vote!?! I am shocked and saddened. Jace, you should have kept this info to yourself. If you don't vote, your opinion doesn't count. Please register and research your choice, whatever it may be.

Jace said...

I hope your not comparing me to some anonymous DB. I stand by my postings. Why don’t I vote? I reckon it’s because there is nobody worth voting for, in my opinion, in politics since Ray retired. I am not Anti Obama or Pro McCain. I could care less. You also won’t hear me complaining either since I give up the right to complain about the President once I fail to vote.

As for your comments about Fox news, I agree. FOX news is there for ratings and entertainment! All TV shows are there for entertainment. If that isn’t the purpose for a TV show then it won’t stay on the air long. I respect what your son has done for this country serving over there, but what do his experiences have to do with a story about a poll between Obama and McCain? That’s all my posting was about. I think before you try to belittle me and degrade me because I don’t vote and watch FOX news at lunch time you need to reread my original post.

'I actually just saw on tv that the margin between Obama and McCain is evening itself out since Obama has been on his trip.

Not quite the effect he wanted I don’t suppose.'

All I was trying to say was that the race seems to be tightening up. On my way to work this morning I heard the same results on the Christian radio station but then again I am sure they are just there for entertainment and ratings as well.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respect yours that voting is good, Obama is the best choice for President, its time for a change, Bush is a bad man, FOX is only out for ratings, and our Military is under protected and underappreciated. While your posting in reply to mine doesn’t offend me, since anyone can post whatever they want, it just confirms to me that, once again my opinion only, if this is how people that vote try to convince other people to vote I’d rather stay away from politics.

joanna m said...

Wow Sarah,

Now I know for sure why I read your blog. Got to love everyones opinions and how they see things.

Keep up the good work, (stay calm, its not good for the baby! haha)

Bamp said...

raydiel1@yahoo.comhey Jace, vote if you want, if you don't want too, its up to you. But you got to be ready when you reveal that to folk like my daughters (and their friends) who, good or bad that it may be, grew up in the politcal realm with me. Thanks for the comment about me, by the way.

oh, yeah, and another thing. Fox News sucks. Along with every other news organization. Ted Turner should have been killed for coming up with this 24 hr a day news show thing. Too bad all of Sarah's readers did not grow up in the Walter Cronkite era. The truth was told (mostly) then.

Jace said...

Ray, I would register and vote if you came out of retirement and ran for President, for sure!

Nancy said...

Jace, I don't know you, nor am I bashing you or anyone else.. Well maybe Bush..
From my past experiences the republics are pro-war, and I have rec'd numerous emails bashing Obama about how he treats the military etc.

Bush is way out of line, and has turned this Iraq situtation into nothing more than power/oil/money.
I just wanted to express my opinion as we all do and the fact that Bush has no respect for anyone. And I feel like McCain has no respect for anyone as well.
I know alot of people live for the news, not reazlizing that the news is crap.

As far as the poll, I am sure that has alot to do with the McCain's bashing of Obama to get more votes.
Obama is playing fair, and I feel the only reason he wouldn't become our next president is because he will not play dirty like the rest of them have in the past.

Sorry, if I have offended anyone, but this is just how I feel.
And, I will agree with Jace.. I would vote for Ray Diel also!!

Jace said...

No offense taken. We are all here to have a good blogging time!

jlmichl2 said...

Sarah......reading your post brought a tear to my eye...seriously. Why? Some may ask....we all need change and hope....much hope. We need someone to take the reins and get control of this country...I need that hope that my daughter and all of our children for that fact will not have to grow-up with everything that is going on today!!

Nancy said...

I am scared for the small children today, and our grandkids.