Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He did it!!!

With only 3 days left until Jack's level one swim class was over, I felt like it was time for him to jump off the diving board. He has been doing pretty well, but that was one hurdle he had yet to cross. What does any good mother do to get their child to do something they really don't want to......BRIBE!!! I told Jack this morning that if he jumped off the diving board today or tomorrow that Wednesday after class we would go to Olney to eat at his favorite place-CHIPS AND SAUCE (or if you are unfamiliar with Jack speak, El Rancherito). Since Gabe is taking lessons at the same time as Jack I told him Gabe could even come along.

So, today the class headed down to the diving boards....
Jack with Chelsea at the end of the board.
Ashley was there to catch him.

Gabe swam over to congratulate him.
I was so proud of Jack. He told me he was not scared at all. He would not try it again, hopefully tomorrow he will. I think Gabe being there to see him and telling him that he did a good job meant as much as eating at Chips and Sauce,
but El Rancherito here we come.


Christina said...

YAY! Go, Jack! That's awesome! :-)

Nancy said...

Exellent job! It looks like Chelsea about went in with him.

Those girls do an excellent job!
I just can't brag on them enough.

Big Thanks goes out to Gabe.. It's always nice getting praise for a job well done. I don't know Gabe, but that was a kind thing of him to do.

Hopefully I won't be missing anymore of these sessions, cause I love watching them.

If you get to feeling bad again, go into basket room and turn on the fan, and we'll get ya a drink!!

Tracie said...

Way to go Jack!

How Exciting!!


Dawn said...

That's cute and Congrats Jack!