Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Star is born?

This is a big week for a political junkie like myself. The Democrat Convention to me is like the Final 4 for NCAA fans. I have watched as much coverage of the convention as I possible can.
So far....eh.
Fine speeches.
Michelle Obama looked beautiful and their kids are adorable.
Ted Kennedy made me cry.
The people on CNN and FOX are putting all the focus on the "Obama/Clinton" rivalry.
I still had not got what I wanted---An inspiring, raise the roof, Bush/McCain bashing speech until tonight. While I was waiting for Hillary (Miss Clinton if your nasty) to give her speech I finally got what I wanted.
It came in the form of the Gov. of Montana,
Brian Schweitzer.
Wearing his string tie and waving his arms about he got the crowd on their feet and excited.
He spoke of Obama's aggressive energy plan with such well, energy.
The crowd loved it, Bill Clinton LOVED it (he looks old, still hot, but old), and I thought it was fantastic. I am gonna watch this guy, you never know political superstars are made at the convention.
---Hillary's on. More convention rambling to come......


Christina said...

Did you say that Bill Clinton is hot?!? I must have misread. ;-)

hncfarley said...

Sarah.....Bill Clinton...Hot??? Ick!