Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabe!!

Happy b-day to Gabe Diel Fulton
my nephew and all around cool kid
Gabe is 9 years old today!


jodi said...

Tell Gabe & the rest of teh Fulton family that the Schneider's in Olney wish him a very happy birthday (9 years old...there is no way!)

Nancy said...

Happy 9th Gabe!!

I just saw Jason dropping Gabe off at the pool for Guard Start Lessons.

I got Gabe started with lessons by getting him a bottled water, and when classes are over today.. He has a sweet treat coming from concessions.

Have a great one Gabe!!

Oh.. I told Gabe he was the only one in Guard Start, so I may have to give him a job in 2010..hahah
He said, Ok.. that would be fine with him.. sounds like he's a go-getter!!

Ashley & Evan said...

Great pic! Happy birthday Gabe!

Christina said...