Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The night time leg cramps are killing me. As if they were not bad enough, my legs are so sore for the next few days after them that I am walking with a limp.
I am willing to try anything! Cliff suggested I get some Ben-Gay, and I now smell like the training room of a pro football team. Jack is complaining because the entire house smells funny. I am trying to eat bananas when the IGA will participate with any at all to purchase, or waiting while the green ones that they do have are edible. I read somewhere online an old wives tale of sleeping with a bar of soap with you in bed, tonight I will try that.
If anyone has ANY suggestions, I would love to hear them. If this does not let up and you see me walking with a cane, you can thank these awful leg cramps!


Nancy said...

maybe a new pair of shoes would help.

Tracie said...

OMGosh!! I remeber those awful things...when I was pregnant with Parker.

Maybe it's a boy baby thing!

I'll say a little prayer for you!!


Ashley and Evan said...

I take potassium pills, which you can purchase at your local Wal-Mart. I don't know if you can take those while you're pregnant or not. I get charlie-horse type cramps in my feet, so I started taking those pills and they disappeared.

Jamee said...

When I was pregers with Emily I had them awful, my Dr. told me to take Magnesuim, one pill a day, it helped so much.

aczumbahlen said...

I get terrible cramps all over my body. Especially in my torso and hips. So does Dad and Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill told Dad to start taking vitamin B. He did and it has worked miracles. I did not know that anyone else in the Diel Family suffered from this problem until I witnessed my Dad taking a couple of horse pills along with his regular medicines one night. I asked about them which is when I learned of the cramping he was having that I undoubtedly inherited. He gave me some of his vitamins to try and they have worked miracles for me. I would ask your doctor first but I bought a bottle of B complex vitamins at Wal Mart. Good luck! Another plus is they are supposed to speed up metabolism.