Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic wardrobe malfunction

Last night I watched beach volleyball.
Misty May(good stripper name)-Treanor and Kerri Walsh
won the gold for the second time.
As I watched them play in their white nike bikinis in the rain, I wondered if perhaps their game was not sponsored by Playboy?

Whatever happened to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt????


Rebekah said...

whatever happened to boobs? there are surgeries for that, you know! im sure some of our peeps could hook the up with the names of some good dr's.

Dawn said...

Well ya know, if I had a body like that I think I would wear it too!

In all honesty though, the shorts and t-shirt don't allow for as much free & quick movement. You can move faster when the wind isn't holding you by your clothes.

Tracie said...

I'm actually kinda glad they are proud enuff of those small boobies to get out there without any padding.

I would definitely need some padding!

Aubrey said...

Did anyone else notice the ass grab by the Chinese #1 player to the US #1 player?? (sorry I don't know which is which)

I hope I wasn't just having some delusions while watching TV that late.

Jamee said...

You weren't, Hank and I noticed it too, Hank even commented on it. Maybe it was a good game.
I don't know about boobs and all, but they played f'n awesome. Hank thinks one of them was in Playboy.