Monday, August 18, 2008

New t-shirts

Orange t-shirts with this image will be available to purchase at Media Night this Friday night along with 2008 NCHS Football t-shirts and sweatshirts and canvas bags.
Also, once again the athletic boosters will give you the chance to order authentic Wilson Newton Eagle Football Jerseys with any name and number of your choice printed on them. Media night will be the last chance to order your jersey.
Please e-mail at if you need more info.
---the above orange t-shirts come is sizes Youth Small (6-8) to adult sizes XXL


Jace said...

what time is media night?

Kelli said...

i like those. i'll have to have someone get one for me and i'll wear it all around springfield lol.

Sarah D said...


I will try to find out the start time for sure for you.

I have to be there so early that I have never found out the real starting time.