Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Domestic Violence Free--the way to be

Tonight Jack and I went to Holly and Chad Farley's for dinner. Jack swam and played with the boys while I got to visit with Holly and Chad and help feed the adorable baby Luke his supper.

While standing in the Farley's kitchen my cell phone rang. I answered and the voice on the other end identified himself as Officer Bierman of the Newton Police Department. I thought, what now, Cliff has already hit a horse, what can go wrong next.

Officer Bierman informed me that a domestic disturbance had been called in for my residence. He asked where I was, who I was with, what was I driving.

I informed Officer Bierman that my husband had left before 4:00 am for work and was in an OSHA class that he went to straight after work and was in as we spoke.

Officer Bierman said someone had called and said there was an awful fight at my house between me and my husband and I had left in a red car with my 3 kids. A light bulb went off, the neighbors across the street fight like cats and dogs and she drives a reddish car, she also has some kids (maybe 3). It had to be them.

I think Officer Bierman finally believed me and was assured that I was not nursing my bruises in some safe house.

In the mean time, my parents (of course the police called my Dad) are going crazy. Cliff is in Terre Haute at school having just received some sort of odd call from my Dad about the police being at our house (he immediately thinks that some Mexicans have broken in and are hurting Jack and I--why must he think it is the Mexicans?). Cliff sends Jeremy out to check things out with me at the Farley's and I am perplexed by the entire situation.

I called back to speak to Officer Bierman to reiterate that I was not a victim of domestic abuse (but it is bad if you are). The dispatcher informed me that he had realized what was going on and felt VERY badly about the entire mix up.

Cliff came home from school early to find us safe and sound. I am sure the town of Newton is buzzing with the rumors of my big fight with Cliff after that one went off over the scanners.

Rest easy my friends. All is well.

---by the way, if I was Larry Dorn I would choose that "My name is Luca, I live on the second floor" as the soundtrack for this post


Nancy said...

So much for a quiet evening with friends.. You have quite the luck.

Shasta said...

That's crazy!!!! I bet Cliff was wiggin'!

Tracie said...

(he immediately thinks that some Mexicans have broken in and are hurting Jack and I--why must he think it is the Mexicans?)


Still Laughing

Can't Stop

About To Pee On Myself


Aubrey said...

Damn Mexicans!! At least they make good chips and sauce, what else are they good for?

Ashley and Evan said...

Oh Sarah...never a dull moment in your life. You know everyone is going to have their eyes on you to be sure nothing is really going on.

DeAnn said...

Yes the song Luca would have been and excellent choice.