Monday, August 11, 2008

Future Fishing Champs???

Saturday night at my nephew Gabe's birthday party I told my sister Michelle about a $5000 fishing tournament that was being held at the Olney lake. I had heard about it, and read that John Bennett was participating on Shasta's blog.
Michelle and I immediately formed a plan to fish in this tournament next year. We were almost certain that we would win. Like the girl who knows nothing about basketball winning the office NCAA Tournament pool. We were so sure of our win that we were planning the fantastic Disney trip we would take with our winnings when the voice of doom Jeremy chimed in.
Jeremy informed us that:
  1. Only two people per boat. That meant not only would we have to get a boat, but one of us would have to drive it (if you have ridden with either of us, you would not let us borrow or drive your boat).
  2. We would have to remove the fish we caught from the hooks (this means touching the fish).
  3. No cheating. We could not sneak fish into the tourney in our drink cooler.
  4. You are not supposed to stuff the fish that you catch full of marbles to make them weigh more. That falls under the no cheating rule.
  5. Usually the people that win are really familiar with the lake and fish there quite often. Something that we don't do nor would we plan to start.

Sadly, it looked like all of our tournament hopes were dashed. That's when Jeremy told us the best part. The organizers are so serious about the tourney with the large payout that they give the supposed winners lie detector tests!!! If we can't fish in the tournament, maybe we could administer the polygraph tests, or at least go to observe. If I was giving the test I would sure not waste it on asking questions about fish, I would get some deep dark fisherman secrets revealed!!

So it looks like the brilliant idea of a Diel Girl $5000 winning fishing team was a good one in theory, but it probably is not going to happen.

We will leave the big $$ tourneys to people like Juan Benne.

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Nancy said...

Awww.. leave it to the guys to spoil all the fun.

You may not win, but it would make for great