Thursday, August 21, 2008


You know what I am talking about. Movies so bad they are good.
The movie that you might be embarrassed to admit that you love,
the one you have to stop and watch
when you are flipping channels and you catch it on TBS.
For me, it has to be ROADHOUSE.
Dalton lives like a loner,
fights like a professional,
and loves like there is no tomorrow
Patrick Swayze as the peace loving bouncer, the beautiful Sam Elliot,
and the Jeff Healey (may he RIP) band singing Angel Eyes.
What is your guilty pleasure, awesomely bad movie? Is it Showgirls? Joe Dirt?
Please share and tell us what you love about it.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!!!! I totally agree with your selection of RoadHouse! HAHAHA

For me, one of my choices has to be Vision Quest. It's just awful...but so good!!!!! So 80's!!

Kelley L. said...

Oh the list is soooo long.

Red Dawn:Wolverines!!! Best Patrick Swayze line "let it turn Mattie, let it turn.."

The Ghost and the Darkness:Seriously, animals killing people is one of my favorite genres

One Crazy Summer:A poor man's Better Off Dead

Jamee said...

Jesus, I love all of those movies, what are you saying.

Jamee said...

This movie is so bad, I have a nephew named after it.

hncfarley said...

"I'm going to make you my Saturday night thing." is my all-time favorite movie line. I used it a couple times, but not the same effect.

Sarah D said...

And perhaps I should add Point Break to the list.

Is Patrick Swayze in all Awesomely Bad movies?

Anonymous said...

I totall forgot about Point Break.

Bodie is soooo HOTTTTT!

Ashley and Evan said...

Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks. I love that movie. Love RoadHouse too. I might have to have me a bad movie weekend...that sounds like fun!

hncfarley said...

Aww roadhouse...I saw it on my first real date. We were too young to get in but the date knew the ticket salesman, it felt so naughty!

Kathryn said...

"Pain don't hurt" - that's my favorite Roadhouse line. I'd like to say Weird Science is my favorite bad movie, but I think it's awesome. "Chet's a turd!"

Dawn said...

I just fell in love with you! Roadhouse is one of my top all time favorite movies. If it's on tv I have to watch it. I just got a copy of it and am so thrilled. Love Dalton. Love the fight in the water. Love the ass shot. Love the WHOLE DAMN MOVIE!