Friday, August 1, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Mulvaney and TYMAY

Last Saturday Jack and I attended the wedding of my first cousin Heather at the Oil Belt Christian Service Camp in Flora
It was hot, but luckily short and VERY nice!
Jack looked GOOD!!
Even Cliff, who is usually not a huge fan of some of the clothes I put Jack in, told Jack before we left that if he did not pick up a woman at this wedding, something was wrong!

Two hotties!
Dex and Chelsea May

The highlight of the wedding for Jack.....
After the wedding Jack got to spend a lot of time hanging out and messing around
with his buddy TY

TY explaining to Justin Pittman why a three year old had just called him
from his cell phone

LOOK---an empty water bottle on the ground
How can we turn that into a football?

I LOVE these pics!
3 great boys


Jace said...

Ty is a great kid. Had him in youth group. Not many like him! Jack couldn't have picked a better role model.

Lets just hope his arm leads the Eagles to another winning season! I am sure it will.

Jace said...

Just had to add this or I'd never hear the end of it from Chels.

Had Chelsea in youth group too. The trio of Ty, Vanessa, and Chelsea can't be beat.

Tracie said...

So how many chicks did Jack pick up?