Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Olympic rant

Have you been watching the Olympics? Unlike the majority of the population of the USA, I really have not gotten sucked into the Olympics. Cliff has made me watch some of Michael Phelp's races and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Today Show in China each morning.

Here is what I am thinking about the great Michael Phelps who beat the longtime medal record held by Mark Spitz. Look at the pictures of Spitz. Look at that stache. Can you imagine the tenths of seconds that would have been shaved off of Spitzs time if he would have removed the moustache. Not Spitz, he was doing it for the USA, but also for the ladies. Burt Reynolds style. So that my friends is why even though Michael Phelps may swim faster and have more medals, Mark Spitz will always be in my book an American hero.

On to women's gymnastics.
Last night it did suck me in. I watched Nastia (and really, the entire time I was watching I was thinking "what is up with her name" she had to have been called Nastyia in school) get the Gold medal stolen away from her by that damn little Chinese girl.
Those Chinese girls were 16??? My ass! If that is true, I weigh 120lbs.
What are they doing to those girls in China to make them stop growing.
Have they somehow found a way to use feet binding for the entire body?
You could tell Nastia was pissed. I don't blame her. A tie??
God Bless America, Phelps, Nasty Nastia, and Mark Spitz and his glorious moustache.


Rebekah said...

i bet ed hannaman was at the wsl last night cheering GO MCNASTY!

Dawn said...

I know! I was so pissed last night. I finally just got up and went to bed. The chinese look 12 at most.

Aubrey said...

They might as well be Mexicans, right??

Jamee said...

Ha Ha Ha, rebekah your f'n funny.

Aubrey, rock on with the Mexicans, Hank would be so proud.

I want McNasty's legs, HOT

Ashley and Evan said...

Sarah, you can always make me laugh after a long crappy day...thanks!

Shasta said...

Oh, Ed Hannaman. Does he still have a mustache?

Nastia McNasty, just like many others, has parents of course not from USA. What about the gold medal USA wrestler whose parents are non-documented Mexicans-Americans? Maybe that's how he got his wrestling skillz.

USA, you're so nice, you take EVERYONE!

Sarah B. said...

Another point...Mark Spitz not only had the hairy moose-tache (as our family calls them) but he also had that dinky little speedo, now they have these special jet propeled suits and special water goggles that they did not have back in his day. He is the man.
Also wanted to let you know that I did not get the check out until Mon....so it might be a little delayed...as most everything I do is. :)