Saturday, August 9, 2008

LEVEL TWO comes to an end

Jack has been in Level Two swimming lessons the past two weeks at the Newton Pool. I had high hopes for Jack in L2. He had done so well in L1 and did not need to take it again.

L2 and Jack's behavior left something to be desired. Jack just was not into it. I think I expected to much from him. Although he was about 2 years younger than almost all of the kids in the class. I tried bribery and threats, and finally, the last couple of nights he finally started to listen and participate like I knew he could.

Sadly, he did not pass L2. What was even worse was the fact that he was very aware that he did not pass. He did not deserve to pass, so it was a nice lesson for Jack to learn. Since this is the last summer for the Newton Pool I am so glad Jack got to be a part of their last session of swim lessons. I hope he remembers them and tells his kids about it!!

Jack with the teachers and other kids
from L2 & L1

High fivin' with his teacher Megan

Back float

Getting ready to do a

Jack would not jump off the diving board.
I did not think it was that big of a deal, he was at lessons
to learn to swim, not jump off the boards.
I did want him to at least try it.
Bamp promised him that he would
take him to Chips and Sauce if he jumped off.
I the above picture he is discussing the possibility with Megan.

Checking to make sure Megan was still there.

And he did it!!
I was proud of him, he was proud of himself.
He ended up going right over to the line and
did it again!

The first thing he said as he was
climbing up the ladder
"now Bamp is going to take me
to Chips and Sauce!!"


Volkman's said...

I didn't know this was the last year for the pool. What are they going to do w/ it?:(

Nancy said...

Jack a lifeguard in a few years?? NO WAY!!

He's gonna be running his own chips/sauce restaurant.. hahah