Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting on schedule

Jack starts school a week from tomorrow. He seems to be pretty excited about it. I think I am much more nervous than he is.

This week is preparation mode. We have the backpack. Tomorrow he goes to get his "school haircut". Last night we started working on getting Jack on a more regular sleep schedule--a regular bedtime, wake time, and nap time during the day.

I still have not chosen the perfect first day of school outfit for him to wear. I am thinking you can't go wrong with a Newton Eagles t-shirt although I am open to suggestions.


jodi said...

Good luck on the first day of school - I was thinking about you - and don't worry - I am still in business with my stock in Kleenex if you need it:)

Ashley and Evan said...

How about a good sailor suit?

Sarah D said...

Good call Ashley!!

I do love a sailor suit. Although many would tend to disagree with my love a sailor suit, but they can suck it!

It may be a little much for pre-school at St.Thomas. Now if it were the JFKjr memorial pre-school, I am sure a sailor suit would be the required uniform.

Nancy said...

He is a cutie, and looks good in all colors, so you can't go wrong regardless

Christina said...

I can't wait to hear all about Jack's new adventures as he ventures off to school! :-)

P.S. He's so cute that it won't even matter what he wears!!! :-)